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Did you know we can save Alpla 251 tonnes of carbon with AMP Clean Energy every year?

We know that Alpla takes its sustainability and environmental responsibilities seriously and is aiming to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions (across scope 1,2 and 3) by 10% by 2022. AMP Clean Energy is the ideal partner to support you in this. Our fully-funded solar PV solution could help you boost your renewable electricity capacity and move you closer to your clean energy ambitions, with no upfront capital required from your business.

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Milton Keynes

Proposed Solar System (PV) Size

505 kWp roof top systems

Estimated Solar Energy Produced

424,671 kWh per year

Annual carbon reduction

96 tonnes


Proposed Solar System (PV) Size

1,003 kWp roof top systems

Estimated Solar Energy Produced

729,675 kWp per year

Annual carbon reduction

165 tonnes

The AMP Clean Energy Solar Promise

We will fully fund the development and installation of a solar project on your sites, with zero upfront costs

We will take care of the assets for the duration of our agreement at no additional cost

We aim to provide you with electricity at a lower price than what you are currently paying

Affordable solar energy for decarbonising your operations

We already know that electricity accounts for 95% of Alpla’s energy consumption and for some sites across your portfolio you are already seeing the benefits of deploying low cost renewable energy– so why not bring those same benefits to your UK tes in Milton Keynes and Warrington? With solar panels on site, you should be able to:

  • Make significant progress towards your sustainability targets and reduce your carbon footprint by sourcing some or all of your electricity from solar
  • Secure low-cost electricity for the long-term by agreeing an Energy Supply Agreement with us
  • Reduce your electricity bills further by reducing your exposure to volatile grid prices
  • Increase your resilience by reducing your reliance on the grid
Solar panels

Solar PV Explained

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AMP Clean Energy can supply you with low carbon electricity that’s generated on your sites, via one of our Solar PPAs. We design, install, own and monitor the system and you simply pay for the electricity that’s generated. With access to a dedicated funding vehicle and through our economies of scale, we can offer you a reduction in the cost of electricity too.

Seize the solar opportunity

As the UK focuses on the green recovery and “build back better”, now is the ideal time to seize the benefits of greater solar capacity for your business.

Don’t delay – to find out more about our fully-funded solution, fill out the form below and one of our experts will be in touch ASAP.

Terms & Conditions

Details are subject to full site surveys and technical assessment. The proposal assumes that the District Network Operator (DNO) will grant us permission to connect export into your network. The size of the PV project we can install on your site(s) will depend on grid capacity in the area. CO2 savings assume grid CO2 factor of 0.23314 kg/kWh.