AMP wins nearly £1 million worth of RHI replacement boiler contracts

A range of organisations across the healthcare, agriculture, hospitality, hotel and leisure sectors have recently taken advantage of AMP’s offer to provide 100% of the funding for a complete replacement of their biomass boilers.

Commercial organisations that already benefit from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), can be eligible for a fully-funded replacement boiler – which is provided under an energy supply agreement – enabling them to continue to benefit from fixed price, low-cost energy for the remaining duration of their 20-year RHI agreement. This means a business can continue to generate low carbon heat to heat their premises from a new boiler system installed, owned and operated by AMP.

Although some biomass boilers will have a life expectancy beyond 20 years, others may struggle to function efficiently for this full period. Under the RHI rules, if a boiler is under performing, broken down, worn out or destroyed then it could be replaced with a new system subject to approval from Ofgem. It is also possible to replace boilers with larger or smaller capacity ones, if the original is no longer meeting the organisation’s needs.

This year, AMP – which has specialist funds available to invest in new and modern biomass systems enabling commercial organisations to save on the capital expenditure themselves – has won replacement boiler contracts to the value of more than £750,000, which also include fuel supply and boiler service and maintenance.