Biomass leaders call for change following UK government’s pledge for net-zero emissions by 2050

AMP is supporting an industry-led campaign to promote the benefits of low cost, low carbon, biomass heat to the UK Government.

Following the Government’s announcement to make the UK the first G7 nation to legislate for net zero emissions, biomass industry leaders launched the Biomass Heat Works Campaign, a targeted, industry-backed campaign to propel biomass to the forefront of ministers’ agendas, in particular, for decarbonising heat in rural and off-gas grid areas.

The campaign is calling on ministers to urgently take heed of key findings from the Renewable Energy Association’s (REA) recently-published ‘Bioenergy Strategy’ report, and recognise biomass as the most fit-for-purpose, proven solution to deliver heat decarbonisation when the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) ends in 2021.

The UK Pellet Council (UKPC) and Wood Heat Association (WHA) are urging the Government to acknowledge biomass heat as the best way forward to meet carbon emission targets (as set out in the 5th Carbon Budget), and the preferred, most proven and commercially-viable option available to deliver future savings.

The campaign will highlight the need for bioenergy, in particular biomass heat, to play a much more prominent role in the country’s total energy mix, especially post-RHI, given the impact it has had on the UK’s decarbonisation targets. It is often the lowest carbon option available to rural homes and businesses, and provides decarbonisation opportunities for on-gas grid applications such as hospitals, schools and heat networks.

Richard Burrell, Former Chief Executive of AMP, said: “Biomass is a proven world renowned technology which could play a significant part in helping the UK meet its renewable heat targets. We fully support the Biomass Heat Works campaign and will continue to look at innovative and cost effective ways of financing heat decarbonisation.”

Mark Lebus, Chairman of the UK Pellet Council and Managing Director of LC Energy, said:“We need to drive change quickly using biomass heat as a proven technology. Our campaign will stimulate discussion with Government and provide a real case for sustainable biomass within the UK’s future heat decarbonisation strategy.”

Biomass, and the wider bioenergy industry, have become two of the UK’s fastest growing economies over the last decade with an estimated 46,000 jobs across the wood heating supply chain. The REA’s second Bioenergy Strategy report states that potential employment for UK bioenergy could reach approximately 80,000 by 2026 and over 100,000 by 2032, with biomass heat equating to 7,500 and 13,400 respectively.

To fully support the ‘Biomass Heat Works’ campaign or for more details visit the website here

You can read the REA Bioenergy Strategy report here