How to get your biomass boiler ready for winter

Have you taken steps to ensure that your boiler is ready for winter? If not, it could cost your business time, money, and energy.

With cold weather fast approaching, it is important to ensure that your biomass boiler is running smoothly in time for regular use throughout the winter.

Our quality service and maintenance team can ensure your boiler is running efficiently. We have a range of different services and with the largest team of expert biomass boiler engineers in the UK we can ensure your boiler is winter ready.

Winter is just around the corner! Follow our 5 expert tips to ensure your biomass boiler is ready for the cold weather:

Clean and top up your fuel store-

With winter months looming, make sure you are ready by regularly cleaning and topping up your fuel store. Our customer service team at 0800 157 7331 will be happy to answer any queries you may have.

Organise a regular supply of our ENplusA1 pellet and Woodsure wood chip-

Stay ahead of the game and make sure that you have regular deliveries of high-quality fuel so that you never fall short. Contact our team here to put in for your next high quality fuel order: contact us before the demand for winter increases.

Book a service and maintenance appointment with our expert engineers-

AMP are the UK’s leader in biomass boiler service and maintenance and have a dedicated team of servicing engineers with a wealth of experience. We have been regulating and servicing biomass boilers for over a decade, ensuring that your boiler is running properly and the risk of the boiler breaking down when it is needed most is minimised.

When you have your boiler serviced with AMP, our expert engineers will ensure that you have total piece of mind and confidence moving into the winter months, allowing you to focus your efforts on your business. Leave the hassle to us.

What will be included in the service?

  • a general inspection
  • cleaning of airway ports
  • inspection and cleaning of the heat exchanger and combustion chamber
  • all seals and bearings checked, replaced and/or greased where necessary
  • replacement of worn components
  • inspection and testing of all safety equipment
  • inspection of associated fuel equipment
  • flue gas analysis to check combustion efficient

Maximise your RHI payments-

You could potentially miss out on some of the benefits provided by the RHI scheme if your boiler is not running as it should. Ensure that you are receiving the maximum RHI payments possible to get the most out of your biomass boiler by contacting the customer service team on 0800 157 7331.

Wrap up and complete your complete heating needs with a Heat Contract-

A heat contract will allow you to get the most out of your boiler, at AMP we will take full responsibility for your boiler so that it is always working as it should, making sure you are maximising your RHI payments. A heat contact will provide you with all of the fuel you need, regular maintenance and 24/7 remote monitoring service – all included within the one monthly payment based on the heat you’ve used


Why is it important that I should clean and top up my fuel store?

With the winter months on their way, it is essential for your business that your boiler is working properly and there’s no better time to ensure your boiler is performing properly than now. As the colder weather approaches, there is a greater demand for fuel. Ensure your fuel store is cleaned and topped up so you won’t be caught out.

A quick and efficient way to ensure your boiler is working adequately and the heating system is in order is to arrange for your boiler to be regularly serviced. Its best to be prepared, if you’re worried about keeping warm this winter, or managing your energy bills contact a member of our team today on 0800 157 7331.

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I’m running low on fuel, what should I do?

Get in contact with our team to order your next load of premium quality ENplusA1 pellet and Woodsure wood chip before your store runs out. Heat may be essential for your business, so ensure you are prepared for when you may need it the most.

When you choose a fuel supply agreement with AMP, you can rest assured that you’ll never be left in the cold – our experts will provide you with priority deliveries whenever you need them.

Taking care of my boiler is causing me time and money, what should I do?

We offer a heat contract service that provides maximum benefits, with minimum hassle. At AMP we will make sure your boiler is always running as it should, whilst you will receive the maximum RHI payments and reduce your carbon footprint.

What should I do to maximise my RHI payments?

 To increase your RHI returns ensure that your heating system is running efficiently and that the heat output is maximised by regularly cleaning and checking your boiler.

Our experienced consultancy team are on hand to help you apply for 20-years of government-backed renewable heat payments through the RHI.

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There is an issue with my boiler, what do I do?

AMP have the largest team of specialist biomass engineers in the UK. We are also proud to be the largest owner of biomass heating systems in the UK, so you can trust that your heating system is in safe hands with us.

Our service and maintenance team will be happy to help you with any issues that arise this winter. Contact us on 0800 157 7331  or click here and our award-winning customer service will direct you.