Revolutionising the Scotch Whisky Sector

We are thrilled to announce a game-changing collaboration between AMP and Simpsons Malt, bringing forth an ambitious project that will decarbonise the Scotch Whisky industry, redefine local biomass as an energy store, and alleviate the burden of compensation costs on UK consumers.

This significant undertaking reflects our commitment to driving the energy transition and to making a tangible positive impact.

Our project will see a low carbon energy centre built at Simpsons Malt Limited, Tweed Valley Maltings site in Berwick. This innovative facility will house cutting-edge electric and biomass boilers, setting a new standard for malted barley production, a critical ingredient of the Scotch Whisky sector.

By replacing fossil fuel gas with renewable energy sources, we are set to achieve an astounding annual carbon emissions reduction of 25,000 tonnes. That’s equivalent to the same amount of gas that’s needed to heat 11,000 homes each year.

At the heart of this trailblazing project lies our ground-breaking approach to energy storage. By leveraging local, renewable biomass fuel, we are reinventing the concept of energy storage, ensuring a reliable power supply during periods of low renewable electricity generation.

Our pioneering high-voltage electric boiler is powered by wind energy that would otherwise be wasted during excess renewable energy generation. It maximises renewable electricity utilisation and has the potential to significantly reduce compensation payments to wind energy generators.

The current energy system’s limitations in storing excess renewable energy at scale and transmitting it beyond the B6 line have led to wind companies being forced to halt turbine operations. This situation has resulted in UK consumers bearing the burden of the ‘energy constraint payment’ mechanism, costing millions of pounds annually. Our transformative project addresses these challenges head-on, providing a forward-thinking solution that saves UK consumers money and accelerates the journey towards a Net Zero future.

With completion scheduled for next summer, the Energy Centre will not only decarbonise industrial heat generation but also contribute significantly to emissions reduction targets within the Scotch Whisky sector. This industry, responsible for producing over 1.6 billion bottles annually, valued at approximately £6.2 billion, is set to benefit from our sustainable low carbon approach

As a Certified B Corporation, Simpsons Malt shares our dedication to minimising environmental impact. By operating the Energy Centre at their Tweed Valley Maltings, they are making a vital stride towards achieving their Net Zero Scope 1 emissions targets by 2030, resulting in a remarkable group-wide reduction of around 55%. This commitment ensures that the malt leaving the Tweed Valley Maltings, of which 90% is destined for the distilling industry, carries a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

By combining our expertise and resources, AMP and Simpsons Malt are spearheading an era of sustainable transformation in the Scotch Whisky sector. This project not only achieves substantial carbon emissions reductions but also redefines the way we approach energy storage and grid constraints.