Spotlight On: Jodie Innes, Group HSEQ Manager

Jodie Innes, Group HSEQ Manager

Jodie Innes joined AMP 18 months ago with ambitious plans to transform the HSEQ culture and performance across the Group. Key to this success was embedding consistent HSEQ policies and procedures across the business and encouraging everyone to follow industry leading HSEQ standards.

What has been your main focus and achievements over the last 12 months?

My number one priority was and remains keeping our employees safe and free from harm and ensuring that all staff from senior leaders to field-based employees are aware of how they can keep themselves and others safe and free from ill health while at work.  A lot of time and effort has gone into coaching and educating the workforce on how to do this whilst also embedding HSEQ into our everyday ways of working.  I am delighted that many employees have embraced the changes we’ve made, and we continue to work on changing attitudes and behaviours across the Group.

We have standardised and optimised opportunities for best practice sharing across the Group by:

  • introducing a Group wide HSEQ committee with Safety Representatives from all areas of the business;
  • holding regular HSEQ meetings;
  • issuing regular communications and reports on HSEQ performance and initiatives;
  • building an HSEQ presence on our company intranet;
  • implementing an internal audit programme.

Along with a dedicated training programme on the importance of hazard reporting, the implementation of Intelex, a market leading HSEQ software programme has been transformational.  ALL incidents, near misses and hazards are now captured on site at the time of the event via the Intelex app on either a mobile phone or handheld device. The significant benefit is that these reports are now all investigated and corrective actions are added which are then monitored and tracked through to completion.  We can share lessons across the Group and are using Intelex to track HSEQ performance and to identify trends and further areas for improvement.

Lastly, working in partnership with our HR team, I’m proud of the work we’ve undertaken to  promote health and wellbeing.  We now have an employee assistance programme in place with Medicash to support mental health in the workplace and we have partnered with Kays Medical to provide a full occupational health provision which includes health screening, health surveillance and health referrals.  All of this is critical to me in terms of supporting employee’s health and wellbeing. 

What are the main priorities for the next 12 months?

One of my main goals is to achieve an accredited HSEQ management system for AMP. Everything we have accomplished over the last year and the objectives we have set ourselves for this year are moving us closer towards that ambition.

An integral part of this is to continue to encourage our people to take ownership for their own safety and that of their colleagues around them to continue our journey to zero-harm.

Finally, as a business we are exploring more opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint. We have engaged with @Go Climate Positive to helps us calculate our footprint and to develop a net zero roadmap.

There are still so many opportunities to improve – there always is – and I look forward to continuing this journey to standardise HSEQ principles and ways of working across the Group!

What do you consider to be your biggest win in the last year?

By far the biggest win for me has been seeing the change in attitude towards HSEQ across different areas and all levels of the organisation. Along with my colleague Mark Close, we have seen many examples of employees identifying unsafe situations and taking individual ownership to control the situation before allowing work to continue. This is key and a great start on our journey to zero harm.

And a final word . . .

Finally, it was great fun to produce our new Health and Safety Induction video earlier this year. It’s a great example of how we are transforming and embedding HSEQ across the Group as the purpose was to capture all all HSEQ rules and standards in a visual, easy to follow engaging format. It really brings our Golden Rules and safety standards to life and demonstrates to new employees how seriously we take HSEQ as a business.