Take the hassle out of managing your biomass boiler

Boiler room at Kingham Hill School

As going green becomes an increasing priority for businesses, many have already installed biomass boilers in an effort to reduce their carbon emissions.

But while the benefits of biomass boilers are plentiful, the ongoing maintenance they require can be time-consuming and they can tie up much-needed capital within your business.

Striving to reduce your organisation’s impact on the environment is a savvy business move, particularly as the pressure on companies to reduce their carbon emissions is likely to increase as we move towards our net zero by 2050 target. If you’re already well on your way to a greener future, you’ll know that any efficiency measures you implement will require effort from your team – even simple measures like turning off the lights before they leave.

Having a biomass boiler can bring some real benefits to your organisation, but if you already own a biomass boiler, you’ll know that they also require a higher level of ongoing effort from your team. You want to ensure it’s running at maximum efficiency, and that involves regular maintenance and servicing. And while a biomass boiler is a great investment, it inevitably ties up vital capital within your organisation.

But did you know that you could also get a significant cash injection by selling your boiler while holding on to the benefits it brings your organisation?

Support from the experts

At AMP, we want to help as many businesses as possible to benefit from biomass heating systems, without the hassle. And, as the largest owner of biomass heating systems in the UK, you can trust that we have the infrastructure and economies of scale in place to make your biomass boiler work for you.

With our Boiler Buyback offer, you’ll get one major benefit straightaway – we’ll provide you with a substantial upfront cash payment. To get an idea of how much cash you could get for your boiler, try out our Buyback calculator here – it could be more than you think!

Once you receive this payment, we’ll own the boiler and take full responsibility for its smooth operation, so you’ll never have to submit another RHI notification or wait for payment again.

And the benefits don’t stop there – we’ll help you to concentrate on your business by taking away the hassle around…

Servicing & Maintenance

While the boiler will remain on your site and you continue to benefit from low-cost energy it provides, we’ll take full responsibility for keeping it running at maximum efficiency. There are no additional costs for maintenance – it’s all included in our low kWh price, so if your boiler breaks, we’ll fix it, and we’ll pay for it. You can rest assured that the boiler is in safe hands, as we have the largest network of in-house, trained biomass engineers in Britain.


You don’t need to worry about ordering fuel either – we will take care of that for you. By fitting the boiler with our specialist remote monitoring hardware, we can keep an eye on your fuel levels from a distance, and automatically order more whenever you need it. So, you never have to worry about whether you’ve got enough fuel, as we’ll make sure you have ample fuel to keep the boiler running.


We’ll make a long-term energy supply agreement (also known as an ESCO) with you, working with you to determine how much energy you’re likely to use and agreeing on a rate per kWh before providing you with a contract. Payment is taken in one monthly Direct Debit, so it couldn’t be simpler.

Interested in finding out more? Head to our Boiler Buyback page to discover how much you could get for your boiler.