Understanding the impact of your biomass boiler

Monthly biomass heat carbon reporting for AMP Clean Energy Heat Contract customers

At AMP Clean Energy we know that sustainability is a business priority for the organisations that we partner with. There is also customer expectation that businesses should be playing their part in the journey to Net Zero. 

For many organisations their biomass heat system plays part an integral role in their carbon reduction strategy. Understanding and measuring your carbon savings is the first step on the journey to improving your carbon reporting and your carbon savings going forward.

You can use the reports as part of your wider CSR/sustainability reporting across your business, whilst feeling reassured the data is completely accurate and up to date.

You can share your carbon savings with your customers and demonstrate to them what you are doing to support Net Zero.

By understanding your energy savings, you can use this as a starting point to look at how you can make further carbon reduction across your business.

Monthly Biomass Heat Carbon Reports

At AMP Clean Energy we provide our Heat Contract customers with a monthly report with a full breakdown of their biomass boilers’ heat generation and carbon savings.

The reports provide you with complete visibility of the performance of your biomass heat asset which you can share with your business and your customers. The data can also help support your organisation with its own sustainability reporting.

Insightful, accurate data

We explain how our new reports work so you can fully understand the data displayed in your summary. If you have any questions about our biomass heat carbon reports, please contact us on biomassheat.reporting@ampcleanenergy.com.

What our customers are saying:

“Carbon reduction is very important to the Carnegie Club and to our guests, so this report is a great asset to our sustainability reporting. The report is presented in a very easy-to-understand format and provides a complete breakdown of how our biomass asset is performing.”

— Gary Gruber, Managing Director at The Carnegie Club at Skibo Castle

“As an Eco Schools Green Flag school, demonstrating how we are making our school more sustainable is very important to us. Having access to the carbon savings of our biomass heat asset will enable our eco committee to evaluation and share information about the impact of our low carbon heating system.”

— Wayne Havard, Strathallan School

Get expert, complete care with our Heat Contracts

If you would like to save time and money whilst benefiting from expert care than our all-encompassing Heat Contracts could be for you. Our specialist engineers will take over complete responsibility of your biomass boiler, ensuring optimal boiler performance.

We’ll take care of everything from fuel supply, service and maintenance to remote monitoring so you can focus on your core business.