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The 5 Key Benefits of Biomass Boiler Servicing

Investing in expert care for your commercial biomass boiler won’t only help prevent costly breakdowns, it will also pay dividends in boiler performance. Regular biomass boiler servicing will minimise boiler downtime and maximise heat output, meaning greater Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI) returns.

Ahead of the winter heating season, we’ve pulled together five key benefits of signing up to a regular Service and Maintenance plan ensuring you receive a regular biomass boiler service as well as out of hours care.

Maximise RHI Returns

RHI payments are only made when the boiler is operational so any periods of breakdown will prove costly. When a boiler is running efficiently, it requires less fuel to produce the same heat output as an inefficient boiler, in effect making the cost of fuelling the boiler lower for the same amount of RHI returns. Ensuring high boiler efficiency is a key part of any maintenance plan.

Ofgem require that all RHI registered boilers are serviced in line with manufacturers’ recommendations, which is usually once a year. If you do not organise regular biomass boiler servicing this could lead to a loss of payments.
Putting your biomass boiler into the hands of specialist engineers, such as at AMP Clean Energy, is one of the best ways to maximise your RHI payments over the 20-year period. A regular, reliable supply of good quality biomass fuel is also crucial.

Reduce breakdowns and prevent costly repairs

Boilers which are not serviced regularly run the risk of developing significant problems which can have a significant impact on boiler operation. For example, a build-up of ash and clinker can cause breakdowns and result in expensive repairs.

By getting a regular biomass boiler service, specialist engineers will spot any signs of issues developing such as the build-up of ash or clinker before it becomes a problem.

The combustion chamber, the heat exchanger and flue system surfaces can be affected by ash deposits. Most automated biomass boilers have automatic heat exchanger cleaning mechanisms which clean some of the overall surface. These components gather ash over time restricting the flow of the flue gasses, reducing boiler efficiency and output.

You will need to clean your biomass boiler regularly and check for blockages or build-ups of fuel. If your boiler does not have an automatic ash cleaning function then you will need to clean it and remove the ash yourself. If your boiler is self-cleaning then ash will automatically be collected in the ash bin which you will need to empty. Some boilers even have an indicator on the control panel that will let you know when the ash needs to be emptied.

Benefit from Expert Care and Attention

As biomass boilers can be more complex than other boilers, only qualified engineers should work on them. Boilers that use wood chip or wood pellet also need regular attention when it comes to filling, cleaning and fuel delivery.
Signing up to a regular service and maintenance plan takes the stress out of your biomass boiler servicing, putting your heat installation into the hands of expert engineers who will also be on hand for emergency repairs.

A service should include an inspection and cleaning of specific parts, paying attention to seals, as well as replacing any worn parts. Experts will also look out for any signs of issues developing such as the build-up of ash or clinker which can cause serious operational problems.

What’s included in the service?
• a general inspection
• cleaning of airway ports
• inspection and cleaning of the heat exchanger and combustion chamber
• all seals and bearings checked, replaced and/or greased where necessary
• replacement of worn components
• inspection and testing of all safety equipment
• inspection of associated fuel equipment
• flue gas analysis to check combustion efficient

Benefit from Optimal Fuel Combustion

If your fuel type changes over time, the boiler settings will need to be adjusted appropriately to match the fuel type and quality. This is something which specialist engineers will check during a regular service. It’s also another good reason to stick with a reputable fuel supplier and maintain a consistent quality of biomass wood chip or pellet.

Specialist engineers will optimise your boiler for the type of fuel you are using. This will also help improve overall boiler efficiency, ensuring a cost-effective and reliable heat supply.

Promote boiler efficiency

Expert care will help ensure that your biomass heating system is operating efficiently, using less fuel to deliver more heat on demand.

Boiler efficiency is one of the most important things specialist engineers will work on, ensuring your biomass boiler delivers the best possible value for money. Expert care can even extend the lifespan of your boiler. Inefficient biomass boilers will use too much fuel, which will prove costly in the long term.

An experienced engineer will also look at the design of your biomass heat installation and whether this is having any negative impact on efficiency. They will often make suggestions on improving the design if you are concerned that it is not working as efficiently as expected. Even making small adjustments can help boost efficiency.

An efficient running boiler will also help optimise performance and increase RHI payments.

AMP Clean Energy is the UK’s leading biomass heat services supplier and we manage thousands of biomass boilers for businesses and organisation throughout the United Kingdom. Combined with the largest network of specialist biomass engineers nationwide, you can rest assured that we’ll get the best out of your biomass boiler.
Our experts are here for you, when and where you need us.

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