Affordable low carbon heat

Biomass boilers – the reliable, renewable solution

Biomass boilers provide instant heat and hot water on demand, and they’re not dependent on the weather like some technologies like solar panels. That makes biomass a great solution for those who want a dependable low carbon heating system.

Benefits of biomass

  • Proven renewable energy solution with a successful track record
  • Funding option to offset costs with a heat subsidy transfer
  • Help meet your sustainability goals
  • Stable, reliable heating source
  • The best solution for those with no access to mains gas
  • Predictably priced heat, protecting you from volatile fossil fuels
  • Suitable for even the most challenging and hardest to heat buildings

94% carbon savings

Biomass delivers carbon emissions savings of up to 94% when switching from fossil fuels

Tried, tested and trusted

More than 15,000 commercial biomass boilers installed across the UK to date

Why choose AMP Clean Energy for your biomass boiler installation?

With over 180 clean energy projects funded and managed by us and 100MW of biomass boilers owned or under construction, you can be assured that your organisation is in safe hands.

Our specialist engineers will fully manage the installation of your commercial boiler and ensure it is running smoothly. We offer a range of biomass boilers including portable biomass heat cabins that can be installed quickly with minimal disruption with funding options to suit you. Once you are up and running, we can also supply biomass fuel and provide expert service and maintenance.

Biomass Boiler Funding Options

Utilise the RHI Subsidy

Benefit from a new or replacement biomass boiler with more than a decade of heat payments. Our specialists will install your low carbon heating system and ensure it is running smoothly and efficiently. Our RHI team will manage the subsidy transfer with Ofgem, ensuring this is a smooth, hassle-free process. Your monthly Renewable Heat Installation (RHI) payments will help you pay back your CAPEX.

Fully funded with no upfront costs

If CAPEX is a barrier to meeting your net zero goals, we can help finance the cost of your biomass boiler. You benefit from reliable, off gas grid heat with no capital outlay. Simply pay for the heat you use off the meter.

We’ll also take full responsibility for the boiler’s smooth operation, going forward, including service and maintenance, remote monitoring and fuel supply.

Biomass Boiler Installation Options

Biomass Boiler Heat Cabins

If space is an issue or you’d like a quicker installation solution, our biomass heat cabins could be what you are looking for. They are complete biomass boiler houses incorporating biomass boilers, pumps, pipe work, fuel stores and electrical connections.

  • Portable biomass boilers ready to ‘plug in and go’
  • Space saving solution which can be easily relocated
  • Quick and easy to install, removing the need to make any costly building alterations

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