Health and Safety

Making Health & Safety our top priority

AMP Clean Energy places a very high importance on health and safety, investing time, money and resources in to its continuous upkeep and improvement. Prioritising health and safety is very much at the heart of our culture and business operations. With a multitude of operational activities and broad ranging plant, equipment and vehicles in daily use, particularly in our fuel supply business, our clear emphasis is on prevention. Through risk assessments, method statements, policies, procedures and most importantly training our people, we aim for zero harm to staff, customers and all third party contractors we work with and alongside.

Dedicated health and safety resource

We have a dedicated Health and Safety manager for AMP Clean Energy’s Fuel Supply business, Mark Close. This ensures that health and safety is not a ‘tagged-on’ duty but a full time job that carries the full responsibility that the role deserves. Mark works closely with our Logistics team, who look after fuel delivery, and have a built-in health and safety management capability within the department to ensure safety is prioritised for both customers and employees.
Health & Safety is at the forefront of everything we do at AMP Clean Energy. We recognise that we have a duty of care to our employees, our customers, suppliers and subcontractors at various levels. We engage proactively with all elements of Health & Safety to ensure that we not only meet, but go above and beyond our legal obligations. Mark Close, Health & Safety Manager