Maximise your RHI returns with our managed Heat service.

Is your boiler running as efficiently as possible? Biomass boilers can bring huge benefits to your business – such as the significant returns you get from the RHI – but if your boiler isn’t running well (or at all!) then you will inevitably miss out on some of the benefits you could be enjoying.

When you take out a managed Heat Contract with AMP Clean Energy, we’ll take responsibility for making sure that your boiler is operating at optimum efficiency, so you get the most out of it. You can maximise your RHI payments and reduce your carbon footprint while we take the hassle out of looking after your boiler and make sure it’s always working as it should.

How it works

We’ll manage the system on your behalf, proactively operating and maintaining your boiler to optimise efficiency and uptime. You simply pay for the heat you use in one monthly payment (on a pre-agreed kWh basis) – and you can keep claiming your RHI.

By operating the service in this way, we’re only paid if your system is working – so we’re proactive in preventing problems, and we’re just as focused as you are on ensuring your biomass heating system is running at its best.

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What’s included?

When you choose a managed Heat Contract, we’ll provide you with…

  • All of the wood fuel you need with automated ordering, so you never have to order fuel and you won’t run out
  • Regular planned maintenance of the biomass boiler to maximise its uptime
  • Our 24/7 remote monitoring service, with proactive and reactive maintenance when required
  • A simple way to pay – just one monthly payment based on the heat you’ve used

Maximum benefits, minimum hassle

A managed Heat Contract could benefit your business by…

Taking the hassle out of managing your boiler

Biomass boilers provide instant heat and hot water on demand, and they’re not dependent on weather like other generation technologies such as solar panels. This makes them an ideal solution for off-grid properties that require instant and dependable heat and hot water

Maximising the benefits of biomass

Many businesses are striving to reduce their emissions now that the UK has a set net zero emissions goal by 2050, more organisations are turning to biomass as it is a carbon neutral and sustainable energy source

Why choose AMP Clean Energy?

AMP Clean Energy is the UK’s leading biomass heat services supplier, and we’re trusted to look after over 1000 biomass systems throughout Great Britain. And, as the largest owner of biomass heating systems in the UK, you can trust that we have the infrastructure and economies of scale in place to make your biomass boiler work for you.

We’ve also got the largest network of in-house, specialist biomass engineers, so we can be with you within hours if you need us. So, when you take out a managed Heat Contract with us, you can rest assured that your biomass heating system is in safe hands.

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