Tailored wood chip deliveries to suit your needs

When it comes to wood chip delivery, our expert team will consider the best way to get your delivery to you using one of our top-of-the-range delivery vehicles. We’re proud of our friendly and knowledgeable drivers who are fully trained specifically to deliver wood chip.

Delivery to your fuel store

We have a range of vehicles and delivery methods, depending on your fuel store set-up and the logistics of your site. Whatever your requirements, we’ll come up with the right solutions for addressing the specific challenges you face.

Our vehicles carry a variety of hose lengths from 8-15 metres depending on vehicle size. We advise that the shorter the distance and the more direct and straight the chip-journey along the hose, the better. We recommend a maximum distance of 15 metres when it’s a straight run. That’s because long runs, sharp angles and changes of direction can cause the chip to block as they’re in transit.

Wood chip delivery options

Whatever your fuel store set up, we will work with you to find the best delivery vehicle and arrangements for your needs.

Large blower lorry
With less restrictions on access we can deliver wood chip in our larger blower lorries.

Tipped deliveries
With a tipped delivery the vehicle lifts its back hydraulically to empty out the wood fuel. Depending on hopper and/or fuel store access we sometimes recommend tipping straight into fuel stores – over access grids if they’re below ground.

Walking floor deliveries
If access permits a walking floor delivery – where the fuel is ‘walked off ‘ the back of the vehicle by the hydraulic floor – can be the best and quickest option.
This is ideal for situations where the customer wants the wood fuel dropped directly onto a grid over the top of an underground fuel store, or directly into a building for storage.

Tipped into a trough fed auger
The wood chip is driven down into the fuel store by the auger inside the trough.
Although useful where space is limited, this method is time-consuming. The pace of tipping is limited by the capacity of the trough and speed that the auger can drive the wood chip forwards into the fuel store.

Tractor and trailer deliveries
Depending on the individual access, location and proximity to our local depot, tractor and trailer delivery is an option. Some customers have their own tractor units available for them to use on site. We sometimes deliver by scissor lift trailers where the fuel store point of entry is raised. We can also supply hook lift bin deliveries on a replace and replenish basis.

Top loader fuel store delivery
With a top-loader fuel store we can provide several delivery solutions.
If access is unrestricted in height, then we can tip straight into the fuel store. Walking floor deliveries are also possible and mean that the complete load of biomass wood fuel is deposited swiftly straight to where it’s required.