Sustainable wood chip

At AMP Clean Energy, sustainability is a key part of our ethos. We only source our wood fuel from responsible and accredited partners. When it comes to wood chip our focus is on making everything – from sourcing, seasoning, to harvesting – as local as possible.

All our wood chip is Biomass Suppliers List authorised and Woodsure Plus accredited.

Our sustainability commitment to you

At AMP Clean Energy we are committed to providing you with the most sustainable wood chip on the market:

  • We only source biomass from properly managed woodlands
  • Our supplies never cause deforestation or forest decline and we only take wood from working forests with uk felling license’s which demonstrate legal and sustainable forestry practice.
  • We turn forest residues and thinning’s that would normally not have a commercially viable use into wood pellets and wood chip

Why choose BSL wood chip?

  • Quality wood chip can help reduce your boiler maintenance costs
  • Best quality for best performance
  • Quality assurance throughout the supply chain – from sourcing to production to when they arrive at your fuel store

What is BSL wood chip and why does this matter?

The Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) is a government scheme to make sure that wood pellet and chip used for heating fuel help reduce carbon emissions.

The BSL criteria for sustainability was introduced to ensure that all biomass fuel deliveries reach 60% emission savings when compared to the EU fossil fuels for heating.

Specifically, emissions have to be less than 34.8g carbon dioxide (CO2) per megajoule (MJ) of heat. This figure must take into account harvesting in managed woodland, production of wood pellets, all emissions from transport and the eventual burning of the fuel.

In addition to this all fuel supplied under the Biomass Suppliers list must be sourced from fully legal sources to ensure no fuel enters the supply chain which has been illegally felled.

All our wood chip meets BSL criteria, and as such, we are proud to be on the Government’s official BSL Suppliers List.

Highest quality moisture-controlled wood chip

All of our wood chip is UK sourced and from virgin fibre sources which will produce low ash content and be free from contaminants. Our wood chip conforms to ONORM or EN specification which defines particle size as well as moisture content to ensure correct levels of fines and no oversize pieces.

Most of our customers require a moisture content of between 20-30% for optimum efficiency in their boiler but we can offer moisture contents outside of that range if your biomass boiler requires it.

We can offer a range of different products to suit your biomass boiler’s requirements such as whole tree chip or an arboriculture blend (higher leaf and bark matter). These are designed for boilers that can handle a fuel with a higher ash content. We can also supply Grade A recycled wood chip to customers who have boilers authorised to burn this type of fuel.