Fuel delivery tailored to your needs

Our expert team will consider the best way to get your delivery to you using one of our top-of-the-range delivery vehicles. We’re proud of our friendly and knowledgeable drivers who are fully trained specifically to deliver wood pellet.

Delivery to your door

Most wood pellet deliveries are made in our large 8 wheelers, carrying up to 18 tonnes, which blow the pellets directly into the fuel store. We also have a range of other vehicles which can either blow or tip into fuel stores. Additionally, have smaller tanker vehicles that can get into much higher spaces yet still offer the benefits a blown delivery directly into your fuel store. Our vehicles are also equipped with legal for trade ‘on-board’ weighers.

Our minimum standard delivery is three tonnes. There is some flexibility depending on location and time of year, so please do get in touch for further information.
As one of the longest established fuel supply businesses in the UK, with depots across Great Britain, we can bring the fuel supply that you want directly to your door.

Wood pellet delivery options

Our delivery vehicle should be able to get as close to the store as possible. ENplus guidelines stipulate that all deliveries should be carried out with a maximum hose length of 30m.

Small blower lorry
Where access is limited, we can often deliver wood pellet in our smaller blower lorries. With an overall width of just 2.55 metres which is 8 feet 4 inches, this vehicle can get through most gateways. Consideration also needs to be given to wing mirror clearance. Height is 3.66 metres or 12 feet.
Turning circle and room to manoeuvre also needs to be taken into account, which is all covered in our pre-delivery check list.

Large blower lorry
With less restrictions on access we can deliver wood pellet in our larger blower lorries. The vehicle’s width is 2.55 metres which is 8 feet 4 inches Consideration also needs to be given to wing mirror clearance. Its height is 4.06 metres which is 13 foot 4 inches.
Turning circle and room to manoeuvre also needs to be taken into account which is all covered in our pre-delivery check list.

Tipped deliveries
With a tipped delivery the vehicle lifts its back hydraulically to empty out the wood fuel. This can be one of the quickest delivery methods to deploy. Depending on hopper and/or fuel store access we sometimes tip straight into fuel stores – over access grids if they’re below ground.

Palletised delivery
Wood pellet by the pallet is a very convenient delivery method that many of our customers prefer. Each pallet of pellet comprises 98 bags each weighing 10kg for ease of handling. 15kg bags are also available. For the most difficult access, they’re manageable enough to hand carry from drop off point into the fuel store and biomass boiler’s hopper.


The delivery point must be on solid level ground, and ideally well lit. It helps if we can see inside the silo, and we would need access to a power point to run the dust extraction unit.
Delivery sites must contain the following: Storz A/110 or 4" camlock (male) coupling; 4" inlet and vent piping (well labelled); 240v electrical socket for dust extraction unit; Earthing point; Sight glass window to view interior; Warning sign for explosion panel & potential CO build up.

It is crucial to identify in advance any risk of the delivery coming into areas used by other people or members of the public. Customers may need to meet the vehicle off-site, and guide it to the delivery point, especially if it needs to turn or reverse. The coupling points must be a maximum of 1.8m from level solid ground. All our drivers are long-standing employees and very experienced at delivering pellets. They have no higher priority than your safety (as well as their own) – and a well-designed site should allow for simple and safe deliveries.