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March 2021

Guest Blog:
Hassan Agalit, KTP Research Associate, Birmingham Energy Institute at the University of Birmingham

1st March 2021
February 2021

Spotlight On: AMP Clean Energy Biomass Delivery Planning Team

17th February 2021

Making the most of solar opportunities in the commercial and industrial market

5th February 2021

Guest Blog:
Liz MacFarlane, Director at Segen and Non-Exec Director at Solar Energy UK

4th February 2021
November 2020

HWEnergy rebrand marks an exciting new chapter in our story

17th November 2020

How to get your biomass boiler ready for winter

3rd November 2020
October 2020

Let’s ensure ‘best use’ of biomass accelerates our net zero heat ambitions

23rd October 2020

Your biomass heating strategy for a warm, stress-free winter

20th October 2020

Urban Reserve: pioneering flexible energy for a net zero future

9th October 2020
September 2020

Spotlight On: Francisco Cabadas, Head of Solar at AMP Clean Energy

2nd September 2020
August 2020

All roads to Net Zero need flexibility

13th August 2020
July 2020

Spotlight On: Eugene Gilloway, Customer Contacts Centre Manager at AMP Clean Energy

14th July 2020
June 2020

Spotlight On: Rebekah Ward, Procurement Manager at AMP Clean Energy

30th June 2020

The Corona Effect: will it slow down or advance net zero?

15th June 2020
May 2020

Guest Blog:
Professor Yulong Ding, Director of the Birmingham Energy Storage Centre at the University of Birmingham

7th May 2020
April 2020

Life Under Lockdown Children’s Creative Competition

20th April 2020

We’re open for business to help organisations fund their low carbon future

20th April 2020

The path to decarbonisation – funding your net zero ambitions during challenging times

17th April 2020

Guest blog: Ian Tubby, Principal Advisor for Business and Markets at the Forestry Commission

2nd April 2020
March 2020

Spotlight On: Ben Wallace, Head of Development, Urban Reserve

27th March 2020
February 2020

Spotlight On: Blair Martin, Biomass Monitoring

19th February 2020

Why this year’s Budget is an opportunity to avoid a decarbonisation ‘cliff edge’

17th February 2020
January 2020

Spotlight On: Peter Crowley, Biomass Steam and CHP Service Manager at AMP Clean Energy

24th January 2020

2020 – A make or break year for biomass heat?

13th January 2020
December 2019

One year on, marking the brand journey to becoming AMP Clean Energy

19th December 2019
November 2019

Guest Blog:
Hugh Taylor, CEO, Roadnight Taylor

28th November 2019

Spotlight on: Gill Alker, Head of Consultancy at AMP Clean Energy

27th November 2019

Why heat was the hot topic at ELN Expo 2019

18th November 2019

Let’s hear manifesto pledges on the UK’s net zero heat agenda

12th November 2019
October 2019

Biomass heating strategy for a warm, stress-free winter

22nd October 2019

The road to decarbonisation – what steps should businesses be taking now?

18th October 2019

Guest Blog: Randolph Brazier
What will be the role of decentralised energy in the UK’s energy future?

10th October 2019
September 2019

Take the hassle out of managing your biomass boiler

25th September 2019

The solar solution for budget constrained schools

24th September 2019

Time to turn up the heat on decarbonisation targets

6th September 2019

Rapidly evolving energy world turns up the heat on business climate action

4th September 2019
June 2019

Finding a pathway to much-needed UK heat decarbonisation

27th June 2019

Guest Blog: Tanya Sinclair
Navigating the EV revolution

13th June 2019
May 2019

Guest Blog: Scott Burrows
Young people inspired by the solar solution

24th May 2019

Widening our renewables portfolio in the subsidy-free solar world  

15th May 2019

The New Baseload: Renewables + Flexibility

9th May 2019
April 2019

Guest Blog: Jo Butlin
Localised energy markets – the new energy norm?

25th April 2019

Industry uniting behind the benefits of bioenergy

5th April 2019
March 2019

The Biomass Trilemma: threat or opportunity?

19th March 2019
February 2019

The Key to Decarbonising the UK Manufacturing Industry

21st February 2019