climate action solar

Scott Burrows, Founder and Director, Eden Sustainable

As young activists from around the world strike for climate action today, I’ve been focussing on the upcoming sustainable energy and climate change programme which I am leading on. This runs alongside our investment in solar across the UK’s schools with the aim of maximising the positive impact of our investments.

Eden Sustainable has been working with the education sector since 2016 and developed the largest ‘solar school’ at Wellacre Academy in Manchester, a 430kw rooftop PV installation providing significant carbon and cost savings – a projected £2 million over 25 years.  More recently, along with our partners AMP Clean Energy, we have funded four solar installations at the different schools in the Pendle Education Trust in Lancashire.

As part of our work with schools and academies we offer an education programme to disseminate the message of clean energy to the students, the decision makers of the future. This commitment stems from our mission to stimulate and facilitate deployment of maximum solar PV to help fight climate change.  Eden group’s profits are paid into the Pickwell Foundation which connects with charities that are working with displaced people (such as Amos Trust and Church Response Refugees) and with those combating climate change (such as Client Earth and Renewable World).

Our education work is bespoke for each school, including options such as real time displays showing the energy the solar PV is generating, interactive workshops and assemblies, and supporting student solar champions. I’m told that I won’t get a more receptive audience on this subject than a group of engaged and enthusiastic 11-16-year-olds. Which brings me back to the Climate Strike initiated by 16-year-old Greta Thunberg. If one young person can get as many as 1.4 million young people around the world to act, just think what young people globally could achieve for our climate.

Whilst the frequency of alarming news stories about the perils of the environment and nature are somewhat overwhelming, young people are showing they have the spirit and resilience to tackle climate change head on. Solar power is an important part of the solution, and judging by the engagement of young people, I feel confident that the future growth of sustainable energy is in safe hands.