As the market leading biomass heat services provider, at AMP Clean Energy we pride ourselves on our expertise. We take the strain out of complex biomass heating systems for our customers throughout Great Britain.

Whether your business needs quality biomass fuel supply, expert service and maintenance or its complete heat needs taken care of, we are here to help. We’ve pulled together six reasons about why you should choose AMP Clean Energy as your number one choice for biomass heat.

We’re the market leading biomass heat service business with thousands of customers throughout GB

From hotels, care homes, schools to large industrials and manufacturers, we are helping a wide range of organisations take advantage of low carbon, sustainable biomass heat. Our services include fuel supply, service and maintenance, remote monitoring, RHI support and all-encompassing Heat Contracts.

We’ve invested heavily in our biomass fuel supply, both in terms of quality and the robustness of our supply chain. We also have our own fleet of specialist vehicles and in-house drivers to ensure we go the extra mile for our customers. With the largest network of specialist engineers, we’re already managing thousands of biomass boilers throughout GB. Why not see how we can help your organisation?

We have the largest network of specialist biomass engineers throughout Great Britain

Our specialist engineers will get the best out of your boiler by optimising the performance of your biomass heat installation. Our engineers – based nationwide– will maximise boiler uptime, minimise downtime and thereby maximise your RHI returns.

As well as biomass boiler servicing, our experts will also be able to spot any signs of significant issues before they become a problem, helping to avoid boiler breakdowns or costly repairs. At AMP Clean Energy we offer a range of Service & Maintenance Plans which to suit your needs. They all include regular maintenance as well as out of hours on call service, and a support desk for technical support.

We manage thousands of biomass boilers throughout the nation

Biomass boilers are more complex than other boilers and require specialist care and attention. At AMP Clean Energy we’ll take the strain out your biomass boiler service so you can focus on your core business. With the largest in-house team of specialist engineers, you can rest assured that we’ll be there for you when you need us.

We work with small and large businesses and organisations throughout GB who put their trust in us to get the very best out of their biomass heat installation. As part of our Service & Maintenance Plans you can schedule planned maintenance as well as call us out when your boiler experiences problems. We also have a technical support desk who you can call to get advice about any maintenance issues you may encounter.

We provide the highest quality fuel through regular and reliable fuel deliveries

At AMP Clean Energy, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond to supply the best quality wood chip and wood pellet, which also meets the highest sustainability criteria. That’s why we’ve invested more than £1 million on improving wood pellet quality.

Our wood pellets meet the highest quality standard in Europe – ENplus A1 certification – which is audited by the European Pellet Council. Our locally sourced, seasoned and processed wood chip is accredited by HETAS and is a recognised Woodsure Plus Quality Assured fuel.

In addition, we have invested in independent inspections and assessments of all imported wood pellet. Our Groveport depot is fitted with specialist screening equipment which even further improves quality.

Our long-established, stress-tested supply chain provides our customers with a dependable biomass fuel supply. Even in the most challenging of winters we can still assure our Fuel Supply Agreement customers of regular, guaranteed deliveries when and where they need.

We can take care of all your biomass heat needs, providing stress-free, expert care

For those customers who want their complete biomass heat needs wrapped up, our Heat Contracts provide the perfect solution.

Our all-encompassing heat contracts include fuel supply, service and maintenance and remoting monitoring, meaning that we take complete care of your biomass heat installation’s every need.

When you take out an AMP Clean Energy Heat Contract, we’ll take responsibility for ensuring that your boiler is operating at optimum efficiency, so you get the most out of it. This will help maximise your RHI payments and reduce your carbon emissions too.

We’ll provide all the services you need whilst you just make one easy monthly payment based on the heat you use. We won’t take payments during any period where your system does not work for any reason, meaning we are proactive in ensuring your boiler stays in optimal condition at all times.

We have the largest fleet of specialist delivery vehicles in the UK with our own team of highly skilled drivers

At AMP Clean Energy we have invested heavily in a fleet of low emission, bulk-blown vehicles to ensure that we can meet customer needs with no impact on fuel quality. Our fleet includes state-of-the-art, specialist Volvo trucks with on-board screening facilities to filter out dust and other contaminants. The non-tipping trucks blow wood pellet directly into the store through an auger which further reduces the chance of pellet degradation.
Our Heat Contract customers benefit from fully automated deliveries meaning they have complete visibility of their fuel deliveries from point of order to delivery.

We also have our own in-house team of specialist drivers. We recognise that drivers are the face of our business and pride ourselves on providing our team of friendly drivers with all the training they need.

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