Richard Burrell, Chief Executive, AMP Clean Energy

Business and industry are facing unprecedented financial challenges arising from the economic impact of the Coronavirus. For my part, at the start of another week in lockdown, I wanted to share what we are doing to support our colleagues and customers during these difficult times, including the low carbon funding opportunities we continue to provide.

As heat is considered an essential service, we continue to supply and service biomass heat installations, whilst rigorously following social distancing measures. Many of our customers, such as care homes and hospitals, are supporting the most vulnerable people in society. Our colleagues – including drivers, depot operators and service engineers – have shown dedication and professionalism during these challenging times and I’m extremely proud of their efforts.

For a number of years we have been running a biomass boiler buy back scheme and we are now one of the largest owners of biomass boilers in the UK providing heat to a wide variety of SMEs, businesses and healthcare facilities. Since COVID-19, a number of customers have contacted us to see whether we would still be interested in purchasing their boiler as a means to release cash into their business. Many of these customers have found the Government finance schemes complex and hard to access and that is why they have approached AMP Clean Energy. We have funds available; we are geared up to make quick decisions and in fact, this funding can be used to purchase other types of clean energy assets such as solar installations or heat pumps. We want to use our funding to act as a partner to those businesses and to help them pull through the current situation.

By handing over ownership of an on-site energy asset, this removes all operational responsibility and enables organisations to focus on their core business, particularly in these difficult times.

If you own a biomass boiler and wish to sell it to us now in exchange for entering into a long term heat supply contract where we take care of the fuel and maintenance and all you do is pay for the renewable heat used, then please get in touch with us. We have a colleague ready to help, Rory Compton, email or call him on 07792 989493.