Sustainable heat
solution using waste wood

Fully funded
biomass energy installation

£1000 weekly
cost savings

Renewable biomass heat system provides long term cost savings

AMP Clean Energy has funded and developed an on-site renewable energy installation which will use Nuneaton Roof Truss’ waste wood to heat the businesses’ factory and offices.

Excess waste wood is used by AMP Clean Energy to fuel another nearby biomass heat project. In exchange for the virgin wood, Nuneaton Roof Truss will benefit from free heat. The company will save £1,000 a week from not having to dispose of around 1,700 tonnes of waste wood themselves every year.

The Vision:

The Nuneaton Roof Truss wanted to switch to a low carbon heat source which could utilise the waste wood created by its operations. The business was looking for a sustainable energy solution which would reduce the environmental impact of its operations.

The Solution:

AMP Clean Energy has funded the biomass installation and Nuneaton Roof Truss financed  the shredder and conveyor system to turn the waste wood into re-usable wood chip fuel for the biomass boiler.  Nuneaton Roof Truss has also been given a grant from Warwickshire County Council’s Growth Fund, which covers around 40% of their infrastructure costs.

AMP Clean Energy supply heat to the Nuneaton Roof Trust on a long-term energy supply contract.

Without the funding from AMP Clean Energy we simply couldn’t have got this project off the ground. This is a win-win for our business. In addition to benefiting from free heat, we can now re-use our waste wood, which would have otherwise cost the business to dispose of. We are also growing as a business and able to show our customers that we are doing this in a sustainable way.

Key facts:

Carbon Savings: 101 tonnes of carbon saved annually

System: 480kW biomass boiler

Cost Savings: £52,000 per year

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