East Devon holiday cottages Mazzard Farm benefit from reliable and high-quality biomass heat supply thanks to AMP Clean Energy.

Dependable heat and hot water is essential to the holiday accommodation cottages , which receives 20 tonnes of wood pellet every year from AMP Clean Energy for its biomass boiler.

Mazzard Farm signed up to an AMP Clean Energy Fuel Supply Agreement in 2015, which ensures regular, priority deliveries of wood pellet throughout the year.

Sustainable tourism is a priority for the owners of the holiday accommodation who have also installed solar PV to generate a significant percentage of the cottages’ electricity needs.

“From the outset we wanted to make Mazzard Farm as green as possible as far as the fabric of the buildings would allow,” said Mazzard Farm owner and manager Ruud Jansen Venneboer.

“Renewable heat was an important part of that and since 2013 biomass has served us well. Our biomass boiler has been incredibly low maintenance and we can rely on AMP Clean Energy to deliver the right amount of fuel within 5 days of order, which is critical to us. We are located down a very narrow lane and the drivers do a great job of delivering to us in such a tight space,” Rudd added.

Ruud installed a biomass boiler in 2008 before the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) was in place. Triodos Bank funded a new replacement boiler which was installed in 2013 and has provided 100% renewable heat and hot water to the six cottages and main building ever since.

Phil Craggs, Head of Sales from AMP Clean Energy said: “Dependable heat and hot water is vital to the hospitality industry which is well suited to renewable biomass heat. Mazzard Farm has taken advantage of our Fuel Supply Agreement to benefit from priority biomass deliveries to ensure seamless heat throughout the year.”