Farmer Palmer’s Farm Park places a huge emphasis on reducing its impact on the environment and its mission is to dramatically minimise waste and energy consumption. AMP Clean Energy helps boost the eco attraction’s sustainability by supplying high-quality sustainable wood chip for the farm’s biomass boiler and district heating system. The boiler provides all the hot water and heating the farm needs for its shop, café and associated buildings.

The Dorset-based eco farm has benefited from regular, reliable deliveries of high-quality biomass fuel since 2013 through an AMP Clean Energy Fuel Supply Agreement (FSA). The FSA provides guaranteed, scheduled deliveries at an agreed set rate with priority delivery timeframes. It is also the best way to ensure the availability of the right vehicle for any particular delivery, within normal lead times, even at the peak demand time of the winter heating season.

 “We look for the maximum environmental impact in everything we do, so it’s important to use the highest-quality wood fuel”, said Phillip Palmer of Farmer Palmer’s.

The most sustainable wood chip on the market

Farmer Palmers already deploys a number of environmental measures including solar electricity, solar hot water and battery recycling so wanted the highest-quality biomass fuel possible.

The woodchip which is supplied by AMP Clean Energy meets stringent sustainability criteria as set out by the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme. As such the fuel is Biomass Supplier List (BSL) authorised and Woodsure-Plus-accredited wood chip.  Not only does this mean that Farmer Palmer’s biomass boiler uses wood chip that is as uniform as possible, but also it keeps the boiler working efficiently and free from excess contaminants.

It’s critical to us that our boiler fuel is as efficient as possible and also comes from local sources,” added Phillip.  “AMP Clean Energy ensure that our wood chip starts life either as virgin round wood from nearby sustainable woodland or as virgin sawmill chip.  This keeps delivery miles to a minimum and helps us lower our carbon footprint too.”

“Our Fuel Supply Agreements provide peace of mind to organisations like Farmer Palmer’s who not only want high quality fuel but regular, guaranteed deliveries. As one of the longest established biomass supply businesses on the market our supply chain is robust and secure, meaning AMP Clean Energy can be relied on to deliver wood pellet and chip to our customers, whatever the weather”, said Roger Pearson, Managing Director of AMP Clean Energy’s Fuel Supply business.

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