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Hazel Grove Golf Club gets low cost, low carbon heating back on track thanks to boiler buyback deal  

When Hazel Grove Golf Club experienced significant issues with their biomass heating system in 2014 they were forced to switch back to oil to ensure the Club’s ongoing need for heat and hot water was met. 

AMP Clean Energy came to the rescue by purchasing the boiler and deploying the business’ specialist engineers to improve the set-up and efficiency of the biomass system. Now the Cheshire-based club benefits from fuel supply and service and maintenance including 24/7 remote monitoring, meaning hassle heating. 

The Vision:

When Hazel Grove Golf Club switched from oil and hot water immersion heaters to a biomass boiler, they aimed to make long term cost and carbon savings. However, when the boiler ran into difficulties the Club looked for biomass expertise to get its low carbon heat system back on track. Being open 365 days a year and with 460 members, reliable heating and hot water is essential to the smooth running of the busy golf club. 

The Solution:

Through its boiler buyback deal, AMP Clean Energy purchased Hazel Grove’s boiler in June 2017 and set to work getting the biomass installation working effectively. Improving the design of the fuel store, enhancing the boiler efficiency, integrating the boiler with the clubs existing heating infrastructure and ensuring a future supply of good quality wood fuel were amongst the upgrades AMP Clean Energy made. 

The biomass boiler is now supplying all the heating and hot water for the clubhouse, pro golf shop, greensmen workspace and a building rented by a local business. 

AMP Clean Energy has worked hard to resolve all the issues our existing boiler had which is now running efficiently. Their customer service has been very good, and we have an ongoing open dialogue with them.” After several years with numerous problems, it is great to be moving forward and benefiting from lower cost, low carbon energy. 

Mick Jones, Chairman at Hazel Grove Golf Club

Key Facts:

System: 199kW boiler

Services: Fuel supply, service and maintenance

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