The Co-operative food store in Caol, near Fort William, Scotland, has seen electricity and carbon emissions savings as well as an increase in sales, thanks to a complete biomass heating package.

Scotland-based HWEnergy, which is part of AMP Clean Energy, was commissioned to install the Co-operative Food’s first wood fuel heating system in their store in Caol, near Fort William, Scotland in 2015. The pilot was part of a broad range of initiatives designed to reduce the Group’s energy consumption by 25%.

The installation was part of a wider Heat Supply Plan which means that HWEnergy look after the Co-operative store’s entire biomass heating needs – from fuel supply, service and maintenance to heat use monitoring.

40% saving on electricity costs

In the first 8 months of operation the impact of the biomass system has outperformed expectations. The store has saved 40% against electricity costs, reduced carbon emissions and energy consumption, improved staff morale and increased customer footfall and sales significantly.

“What sold this to us was that HWEnergy do the whole package. Staff do not have to touch anything, switch the boiler on, or put wood in the burner. They look after everything for you and it is all guaranteed for five years.”
Martin Lowe, former Regional Energy Manager for the Co-operative Food Stores – Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man.

With a Heat Supply Plan, we undertake the complete management of your biomass heating system, including fuel supply, maintenance, servicing call outs and heat use monitoring. You simply pay for the heat you use on a kWh basis, leaving us to manage the asset on your behalf. You can also keep claiming your RHI.

With our Heat Supply Plans everything is our responsibility – all fuel, all maintenance and monitoring systems, supported by a network of specialist engineers. The customer simply pays for the heat they use.

Bruno Berardelli, Managing Director of HWEnergy

“We are delighted to be working with the Co-operative and we’re really pleased with the positive outcomes the Caol store has experienced.”

Martin Lowe, former Regional Energy Manager for the Co-operative Food Stores – Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man, added: “We have had no financial outlay and there are no hidden costs in the background. The heating system has made our customers and our staff more comfortable and we have seen a substantial increase in sales and customer foot fall too.”