Archbishop Sentamu Academy in Hull is receiving £20k per year in renewable heat payments thanks to expert advice from AMP Clean Energy.

The Academy installed a 500kW wood chip boiler in 2010 but assumed it would be too difficult and complicated to retrospectively apply for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) when it was introduced in 2012. However, once they got AMP Clean Energy’s RHI experts on board to navigate through the complexity of the RHI process, they saw their heating bills fall dramatically.

20 years of guaranteed RHI payments.

AMP Clean Energy’s consultancy team has helped more than 40 organisations successfully gain RHI payments for a range of organisations, even in situations which are not straightforward.

Within a few months of making the RHI application, the Academy achieved RHI accreditation and is now receiving £20,000 per year for the next 20 years, resulting in a total income of around £400,000.

As AMP Clean Energy was already supplying the academy with high-quality woodchip, our advisors suggested helping to make an RHI application on their behalf. This involves getting all relevant documents together, verifying boiler meter compliance, collecting heat loss assessment reports, collecting evidence of boiler name plates and configurations and filling in all necessary documentation.

I’d encourage anyone in a similar position to start the process immediately so that can claim their payments and ensure that they maximise their investment in biomass, just as we have helped Archbishop Sentamu Academy to do. We believe a whole host of organisations are missing out on RHI payments which are rightfully theirs, so I’d encourage any organisations who are not sure if they are eligible for RHI to get in touch with us.

Gill Alker, Head of Consultancy at AMP Clean Energy

In addition to applying for RHI accreditation, our consultancy team can also help with providing organisations’ notifications to Ofgem – which have to be made in relation to changes to a biomass system or a RHI application – as well as providing RHI meter reading submissions to Ofgem.