Fully funded
low carbon solution

1,200 tonnes of carbon
saved annually

1/3 of costs saved
equating to £100k per year

Fully funded green technology makes use of waste timber

Leading luxury yacht manufacturer, Sunseeker International has partnered with AMP Clean Energy on an innovative biomass energy project which sees the global boat manufacturer use its waste timber arisings as a source of low carbon heat. The project will enable Sunseeker – which produces around 1,360 tonnes of usable timber arisings from its boat building operations in Poole and Portland – to process the waste timber in order to provide a source of renewable heat to two sites.

The Vision:

Sunseeker wanted to make use of the timber arisings from its boat building operations in Poole and Portland to provide sustainable heat to the two sites.

The luxury yacht manufacturer wanted to switch from fossil fuel heating to a low carbon energy source to complement its move to more sustainable manufacturing.

The Solution:

AMP Clean Energy designed and developed the ‘circular’ biomass system which chips and processes waste wood on-site and then reuses it as biomass to provide low carbon heat to two principal sites.

This not only enabled Sunseeker to reuse the waste timber that arises during the manufacturing process but also to reduce the volume of material going to landfill.

AMP Clean Energy funded and installed the biomass boilers at the Poole and Portland sites, supplying heat to both facilities under a 20-year energy supply agreement. 

This is a really innovative project that supports our sustainable development, and our responsibility to reduce carbon emissions throughout our operations. The cost and carbon reductions speak for themselves, and it means we can continue to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels at our sites, as well as reduce emissions throughout the wider supply chain.

Andrea Frabetti, Chief Executive Officer at Sunseeker

Key Facts:

System: 500kW biomass boiler in Poole and a 1MW biomass boiler and ancillary equipment in Portland

Carbon savings: 1,200 tonnes of carbon per year and lifetime savings of more than 24,000 tonnes

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