Renewable Biomass Heat

A new biomass heat installation and district heating scheme has helped improve sustainability and long-term budget planning at Kingham Hill School thanks to AMP Clean Energy’s fully funded biomass offer.

The biomass heating system, which was installed in 2016, replaced 13 individual oil boilers on the 100-acre site. Two new wood chip boilers now supply heat and hot water through a district heating network to the school buildings, boarding houses and sports facilities including a sports centre and swimming pool.

AMP Clean Energy supplies the fuel, services and maintains the heating system and provides remote monitoring through a 20-year energy supply agreement. The school simply pays for the heat it uses off the meter.

The lack of upfront capital required, and no ongoing maintenance costs were particularly attractive factors to the Oxfordshire-based independent day and boarding school. Expert service and maintenance which includes dealing with any breakdown issues has helped free up the school’s in-house maintenance team.

Catriona Thompson, Bursar at Kingham Hill School, said: “Carbon savings was definitely a factor in making the switch. As we are in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a farm styled out building housing the biomass boilers was ideal for us.”

“The fact that AMP Clean Energy funded the installation, including all the pipework required for the district heating, was a significant financial benefit to us. We don’t now need to worry about the costs of boiler failure and replacement, as AMP Clean Energy are responsible for that. We can also forward plan our costs better.”

Kingham Hill School has made incredible carbon savings of over 700 tonnes (the equivalent to driving 3 million miles in a diesel VW Golf!) since they switched from their outdated oil boilers to renewable biomass heat with AMP Clean Energy.

Stuart Reid, Managing Director (Special Projects) at AMP Clean Energy said: “Kingham Hill School is a great example of how independent boarding schools can benefit from sustainable, low-cost biomass heat over the long term. By taking care of the complete needs of the biomass heat installation, the school is able to free up valuable time, money and resources.”