No upfront
capital required

20-year protection
from volatile fossil fuel prices

Hassle free
expert service and maintenance

Fully funded boiler upgrade scheme 

Hackness Wedding & Events is reaping the rewards of a new and improved low carbon heat installation providing reliable, sustainable heat to its hotel guests. The North Yorkshire hotel now benefits from reliable, hassle-free heat over the long term, reducing exposure to volatile energy prices.

The vision:

Hackness Grange wanted to resolve the issues the hotel was facing with its former biomass energy installation which experienced several operational problems in 2019. The luxury hotel was looking for an on-site energy solution to meet the heating needs of the main hotel, courtyard and two cottages in the grounds.

The solution:

AMP Clean energy funded and installed a replacement biomass boiler. The hotel also took advantage of fuel supply and expert service and maintenance from AMP Clean Energy, taking the operational strain out of the heating system.

The biomass heating system is not only top of the range but its super-efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly.

Roger Brooks, Managing Director of Hackness Weddings & Events 

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