15.5 thousand tonnes
of carbon savings per year

Long term agreement reduces
exposure to volatile energy prices

Fully funded £16.5 million
biomass energy centre

Fully funded bioenergy centre supports sustainable food production

AMP Clean Energy has developed, funded and now operates a bioenergy energy centre at Muntons’ Stowmarket manufacturing plant . The renewable energy centre has helped the maltster to meet its science-based targets – to reduce emissions by 45% by 2025 (based on 2010 levels) – ahead of schedule. Muntons has also been able to bring forward its aspiration to reach net zero by 2050 to 2030.

The Vision:

Muntons needed a low carbon solution to decarbonise operations at its Stowmarket plant. The business also wanted an energy solution which would supply most of the site’s steam, heat and electricity needs. Additionally, the energy centre had to play an important role in helping Muntons achieve its wider sustainability plans including its science-based targets.

The Solution:

AMP Clean Energy has developed, funded and now runs the bioenergy centre. It will decarbonise 100,000,000 kWh of heat demand each year – equivalent to decarbonising the heat of more than 8,000 homes per year. In addition, Muntons purchase the heat and electricity on a long-term supply agreement.

Along with a second biomass energy centre at Muntons’ Bridlington plant, the maltster will achieve combined carbon savings of more than 60%.

The science-based targets for manufacturing are to reduce carbon emissions by 57% by 2050. We aim to be far more ambitious and are on track to reduce emissions by 45% by 2025.  Crucial to us hitting this target is installing biomass heating at both of our UK malting sites. Working collaboratively with specialists AMP Clean Energy means we will confidently hit our ambitious decarbonisation targets and continue to deliver on our mantra of ‘Practical Sustainability’.

Mark Tyldesley, Group Managing Director at Muntons

Key Facts:

System: 14MW biomass boiler and Gas CHP with waste heat recovery

Carbon savings: 15.5 thousand tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent / CO2 per annum

Capex: £16.5 million

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