Electrical appliance wholesaler Gillman’s is benefiting from considerable cost and carbon savings over the long term, thanks to an AMP Clean Energy solar funding deal.

The Gillman business Domestic Appliance Distribution (D.A.D.) benefits from a solar PV system, where AMP Clean Energy provides lower-cost electricity over the long term whilst taking on full responsibility for monitoring and maintaining the installation. For SMEs like Gillman’s a solar PPA is a stress-free solution which enables them to forward plan budget costs, whilst future-proofing their business for a net zero energy world.

The 240kw solar system over six buildings at its warehouse and distribution centre in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, provides a substantial proportion of their electricity needs. It also saves the wholesaler 46 tonnes of carbon a year which is equivalent to driving more than 150,000 miles.

Through a long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with AMP Clean Energy’s funding vehicle Eden Sustainable Investments 9, Gillman’s simply pay for the electricity they use on a pre-agreed basis. This means the business will benefit from energy price predictability as well as protection from volatile electricity prices over a 25-year period.

Richard Gillman from Gillman’s, which employs 150 people, said: “Electricity costs represent a fair amount of our business expenditure. The opportunity to both reduce energy costs and have visibility of what those costs will be over the long term, was very appealing. The deal we have with AMP Clean Energy means that we continue to benefit from sustainable solar energy with no operational hassle.”

Stuart Reid. Managing Director, Projects Division, at AMP Clean Energy said: “Gillman’s is a perfect example of how SMEs with sites with good daytime energy usage can unlock the benefits of low cost, low carbon solar energy. A PPA is particularly appealing to SMEs, providing long term cost certainty.”

SMEs are responsible for over 50% of the UK’s business energy use, meaning that they will play a key role in helping us meet our net zero targets. With an increasing number of fully funded PPA deals on the market, solar is becoming a more attractive option to SMEs.