Loretto School near Edinburgh has significantly cut carbon emissions and increased energy efficiency, thanks to a new biomass boiler installation.

HWEnergy, part of AMP Clean Energy, designed and installed two biomass heating systems at the Scottish boarding school. The solution involved replacing outdated oil boilers with 450kW of biomass capacity serving three accommodation buildings.

The school also benefits from an ongoing Service and Maintenance contract, taking the strain of operating the boiler away from the school and putting it in the hands of a team of biomass experts.

“We looked at a number of options. Although initially the capital costs of biomass was higher for us, in the longer term it was the better option and significantly reduced our carbon emissions,”said Stephen Howard, Bursar at Loretto School.

The school now has two biomass boilers which receive a major service once a year, as well as a biannual service to check everything is running smoothly. Being on a service and maintenance contract also provides the school access to a 24-hour call-out as well as telephone support.

“The service and maintenance contract has worked very well for us and we’ve had no issues which have not been dealt with in a timely fashion. We also really like the fact that if we have an emergency call-out in the middle of the night it is going to be dealt with in a swift timeframe.”

Stephen Howard, Bursar at Loretto School

The School also receives its fuel supply from AMP Clean Energy, ensuring the boilers are regularly fuelled with sustainable, quality biomass fuel.

“To invest in biomass heating at our school was a big decision for the Board. They drew a lot of confidence from having a team of experts project manage the whole business,” said the school Bursar, Stephen Howard.

“Loretto School is a great example of how an independent boarding school can become greener through using renewable biomass fuel,” said Bruno Berardelli, Managing Director of HWEnergy, which AMP Clean Energy has a majority share in.

“Our service and maintenance contract also provide complete peace of mind that the boilers will be in the ongoing care of experts, and that any issues will be resolved quickly and efficiently.”

For more information about getting a new boiler installed or about the benefits of a service and maintenance contract, contact us at hello@ampcleanenergy.com.