Stress-free sustainable heat is the perfect solution for Champneys Forest Mere

6th January 2020

Sustainability is a top priority for Champneys so a low carbon biomass heat installation was the perfect solution to meet their heating needs.

AMP Clean Energy installed two wood pellet boilers in 2015 at Champneys Forest Mere to help supply heating and hot water to the luxury health spa.

AMP Clean Energy’s biomass experts take care of everything associated with the heating system including fuel supply and service and maintenance. Even if the boilers break down, AMP Clean Energy will fix and pay for it, freeing up time and resource for Champneys Forest Mere.

An energy supply agreement provides Champneys Forest Mere with long term security and protects them from energy price volatility.

Champneys Forest Mere has made some impressive cost and carbon savings since they switched from oil to biomass heat. They have cut 20% from their heating bills and achieved carbon savings of 730 tonnes – equivalent to driving 3,600,000 miles in a diesel VW Golf.

Jason Smitsdorff, Facilities Manager, Champneys Forest Mere, said: “At Champneys we try to go as green as possible so to reduce our CO2 emissions is really beneficial for us. To have a sustainable energy source like a biomass boiler is really helpful to the business.

“AMP Clean Energy deals with everything to do with the boilers – they deliver the fuel and provide servicing including dealing with any breakdowns. All we do is clean the boilers every other week and we pay for the energy we use per kWh.”

Champneys Forest Mere is also benefiting from deliveries in AMP Clean Energy’s latest top of the range Volvo non-tipping trucks, which helps preserve pellet quality, and is crucial to the efficient operation of biomass boilers.

Stuart Reid, Managing Director (Special Projects) at AMP Clean Energy, said: “The heating system at Champneys Forest Mere is a great example of how biomass can help support an organisation’s corporate sustainability agenda. In addition to carbon savings, Champneys Forest Mere benefits from stress-free heating through our fuel supply and service and maintenance service.”