683 tonnes
of carbon saved per year

biomass heat solution

fully managed heat services

Low carbon heat solution supports sustainable food production for Scottish Sea Farms

AMP Clean Energy is helping support sustainable food production at Scottish Sea Farms’ innovative Barcaldine hatchery – which supplies smoults (young salmon) to the company’s 42-strong estate of marine farms – with a fully funded low carbon heat system.

The Vision:

When Scottish Sea Farms created its £58 million Barcaldine hatchery on the banks of Loch Creran, it pledged to embed sustainability at the heart of the new facility.

The business wanted expert input into the development of a low carbon heat solution which would complement other green technology at the state-of-the-art hatchery.

The Solution:

AMP Clean Energy developed, funded and now maintains and operates a renewable biomass heat system which supplies the 17,500 sqm building with much of its heat or hot water.

The on-site energy services are provided through a 20-year energy supply agreement, delivering long term price predictability, whilst reducing exposure to fluctuating fossil fuel prices.

The biomass system is part of a package of greener technologies in place and provided the best renewable option to supply the Barcaldine Hatchery’s heat and hot water needs. With AMP Clean Energy owning and managing the biomass system, we can leave its operation in their expert hands while we concentrate on creating the best growing conditions.

Anne Anderson, Head of Sustainability & Development at Scottish Sea Farms

Key Facts:

600kW biomass energy system fuelled by wood chip

Carbon savings:
683 tonnes of carbon per year.
That’s the carbon equivalent of driving over 6 million miles!

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