One of the UK’s most pressing energy challenges is how we increase intermittent renewables and reduce fossil fuels whilst meeting growing energy demand.

AMP Clean Energy’s Urban Reserve plants are designed to help meet that challenge by supplying flexible on demand electricity in our busiest urban areas.

Urban Reserve plants are localised, small standby power stations, which can be turned on at the touch of a button to provide electricity when and where it is needed most.

Urban Reserve supports the growth of renewables by providing electricity when the sun is not shining and the wind is not blowing. As the growth of new technologies such as electric vehicles are set to put increased pressure on the grid, Urban Reserve plants will provide the steppingstone to fulfil our energy needs as we transition to net zero.

Mark Tarry, Managing Director of Urban Reserve, said: “Decentralised, flexible generation will play a critical role in helping the UK transition towards its net zero ambitions in the most cost-effective way, while providing much-needed support for the grid.

“As supply becomes more intermittent and demand rises to power commercial use, electric vehicle charging and, in the future, the electrification of heat, these small-scale plants will be critical to keeping the system balanced and avoiding expensive network reinforcement.”

AMP Clean Energy has secured planning to develop 100MW of Urban Reserve 2-4MW plants, with a particular focus on urban areas. The first four plants are already under construction.

AMP Clean Energy is always on the look-out for new sites near urban areas across the UK to develop new Urban Reserve plants. We fully fund the development at no risk to the landlord and will pay competitive rents for suitable sites. Find out more here.