AMP Clean Energy understands that decarbonising will require more than just brilliant thinking

When your business initiates a large-scale clean energy project, you also need robust and reliable financial support; the kind that’s flexible to your needs and sensitive of your timescales.

Fully Funded Biomass Energy

If you’ve ever considered biomass as a renewable energy source for your business, now is the time to act, as time is running out for you to take advantage of full funding for a new biomass heating system.

Fully funded Solar PV

AMP Clean Energy can help you fund and generate your own solar electricity and supply you with the low cost, renewable electricity that’s generated on-site.

Heat Recovery

Our fully funded heat recovery solutions deliver low cost, carbon neutral electricity over the long term.

Partner with us

we work with installers to provide funding to their prospects or customers, enabling the delivery of new projects where otherwise they would fall at the first hurdle.

Generate low carbon energy on your site

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Why choose AMP Clean Energy for your clean energy project?

We pride ourselves on our thorough understanding of clean energy projects and our ability to make fast decisions backed up by financial acuity. What does this mean for your business? It means we’re adaptable; it means we understand each that project comes with its own individual challenges, and it means that we’re the perfect partner to help you overcome any financial obstacles to getting your next carbon reduction project over the line. Put simply, whether you are an end-user customers, an equipment provider, an installer or a project developer – we’re ready when you are.


The Clean Energy Funding Process

Our ESCO infographic provides a step by step guide on how we deliver an energy supply agreement from start to finish and beyond.

What is an energy supply contract? (ESCO)

An ESCO is an energy supply agreement to generate and supply heat and/or power over the long term. An AMP Clean Energy ESCO includes the following:

• Funding the asset, which means there is no requirement from you for upfront capital
• Developing, optimising and installing your sustainable energy asset
• Fuel supply – in the case of a biomass boiler this could be wood chip or wood pellet. We provide the right quality biomass fuel for your heating installation. Our chip and pellet meet the highest sustainability requirements of the Government’s Biomass Suppliers List (BSL).
• Service and maintenance – we have the largest team of specialist engineers in Great Britain who provide both reactive and scheduled maintenance. This includes out of hours on call service.
• Remote monitoring – our specialist remote monitoring equipment enables us to ensure that your asset enjoys maximum uptime. We’ll also be the first to know in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong.
• Asset management – we’ll ensure you receive fuel supply as and when you need it and keep on top of maintenance to ensure the smooth running of your asset.


Onsite low carbon energy solution supports the growth of British produce


Renewable solar PV is the perfect energy solution for Gloucestershire SME

Partner with AMP Clean Energy

Would funding enable your customers to get their onsite energy project off the ground? At AMP Clean Energy, we understand financing can be a major barrier to new low carbon projects. That’s why we work with installers to provide funding to their prospects or customers, enabling the delivery of new projects where otherwise they would fall at the first hurdle.