AMP Clean Energy understands that decarbonising will require more than just brilliant thinking.

When your business initiates a large-scale clean energy project, you also need robust and reliable financial support; the kind that’s flexible to your needs and sensitive of your timescales.

Readily Available Flexible Funding
Low Carbon On-site Energy Generation
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Why Choose AMP Clean Energy?

It may be that you’re ready to act on a fully-scoped project, or perhaps you need a funding partner you can trust to help you get from development to delivery. Either way, AMP Clean Energy won’t keep you waiting.

We pride ourselves on our thorough understanding of clean energy projects and our ability to make fast decisions backed up by financial acuity. What does this mean for your business? It means we’re adaptable; it means we understand each that project comes with its own individual challenges, and it means that we’re the perfect partner to help you overcome any financial obstacles to getting your next carbon reduction project over the line. Put simply, whether you are an end-user customers, an equipment provider, an installer or a project developer – we’re ready when you are.

Financial support for businesses on the road to net zero

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Fully Funded Heat Recovery Systems

Our fully funded heat recovery solutions deliver low cost, carbon neutral electricity over the long term
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Capitalising from Clean Energy

In this webinar, AMP Clean Energy experts explain how businesses can benefit from the transition to decentralised energy, despite a changing subsidy environment.

Taking control of energy needs can help shelter large energy users from rising costs and boost sustainability through low carbon generation. Businesses face a myriad of choices, from on-site heat and power generation to waste heat recovery.

With volatile energy costs, an ever-changing policy landscape and an increasing range of technologies, it can be a complicated energy landscape to navigate.

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