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At AMP Clean Energy we understand the importance of helping businesses reduce energy costs and carbon emissions whilst increasing their energy security

As the way we generate and use energy continues to shift from a central to a local energy model, we offer a range of energy solutions to support organisations wanting to deploy on-site generation. With access to flexible funding to get projects off the ground and experience across a range of technologies, we can help assess which solution is right for your business.

Industrial Energy power plant

30% saving

on energy with a gas CHP energy centre

130 ESCO projects

live and operating

£25 million

in lifetime savings for large industrials

Why choose AMP Clean Energy?

We have a proven track record in local energy generation and the operation of energy supply agreements (ESCO’s). There are two ways we can work with you:

  • Our in-house team will assess which of our market-leading technology solutions will best deliver cost-effective decarbonisation on your site. Designed for intensive heat and electricity users, our solutions provide optimal long-term cost and carbon savings, supporting both cost efficiency and your sustainability criteria.
  • If you (or your client) have a project under consideration or development that delivers carbon savings that cannot be financed internally, then we may be able to deliver this using our long-term institutional investor funding. If the project has a positive carbon impact and meets our investment criteria than we will undertake technical diligence and act as your funding partner.

Pressure Gauges

Our Funding Model

AMP Clean Energy can fully fund, design, build and operate a new on-site energy asset through a long-term Energy Supply Contract (ESCO).

We have access to a funding vehicle which is readily available to distribute funds for projects, allowing for quicker deployment. ESCO’s typically operate for a 10 to 20 year period during which the customer simply pays for the heat or electricity they use.

Capitalising from Clean Energy

Industrial sites and commercial property infrastructure are playing an increasing role in the decentralised energy system, but technology is rapidly evolving, and no one solution suits all users.

In this webinar, Stuart Reid and Mark Tarry from AMP Clean Energy explain how businesses can still unlock the benefits of decentralised energy, despite an evolving subsidy environment.

Gas Turbines

Our fully financed gas turbine CHP plant is a highly efficient and low carbon solution for large industrials to generate heat and electricity.

A typical gas turbine based on a large industrial site can expect to generate cost savings of more than £100,000 in year one. Radial turbines can also burn VOCs and flared gases which delivers significant environmental benefits to site operators.

Key benefits

  • Delivers significant cost and carbon savings with no upfront financial outlay
  • Provides energy security and price certainty through ESCO structure
  • Protection from costly Climate Change Levy
  • Well established proven technology delivered with expert technical partner

Biomass Thermal

For users of large amounts of heat or process steam a biomass steam or hot water boiler can deliver significant cost and carbon savings.

Our Biomass Thermal solution is specifically tailored for high volume heat or process steam users. Our energy centre features a steam or hot water boiler which can deliver significant cost and carbon savings to industrial organisations over the long term.

Key benefits

  • Uses renewable, sustainable, low carbon biomass fuel
  • High quality heat, reliability and high system efficiency delivered through proven plant designs fully compliant to EU standards
  • ESCO structure creates long term cost savings and removes operational risk
  • Delivers significant cost and carbon savings
  • Benefit from 20 years of price certainty utilising the RHI to support decarbonisation.


Our fully funded gas CHP energy centres create heat and electricity through a highly efficient process which provides energy stability and cuts energy costs.

CHP works by converting gas into electricity and heat and delivers a 30% energy saving versus conventional grid power and a state- of- the- art gas boiler.  A long-established technology, Gas CHP is well suited to large industrials requiring on-site heat and power.

Key benefits

  • Delivers significant long-term cost savings with no upfront capital required
  • Provides energy resilience and energy price certainty through ESCO structure
  • Long established proven technology
  • No operational risk

Biomass CHP

Our biomass CHP energy centre is specifically tailored to provide intensive heat users with the lowest carbon, lowest cost energy, without compromising on manufacturing or process integrity.

This is the first biomass ORC technical solution available that provides all the heat as usable high-pressure steam or hot air above 200 degrees. Working with our industry partner Turboden, this is a highly efficient plant using proven technology.

Key Benefits

  • Uses renewable, sustainable, low carbon biomass fuel
  • High quality heat, reliability and high system efficiency delivered through proven plant designs fully compliant to EU standards
  • ESCO structure creates long term cost savings, greater energy price certainty and removes operational risk
  • Save up to 25% on electricity costs over a long term
  • Future proof your process in anticipation of government low carbon policies

Fully Funded Solar Installations

Generate green, renewable electricity, without any initial investment or operational risk.

Heat Recovery

Fully funded heat recovery solutions that deliver low cost, carbon neutral electricity over the long term.

About AMP Clean Energy

Low cost, low carbon industrial energy solutions

AMP Clean Energy is committed to finding energy solutions to help decarbonise UK industry and help support the Net Zero agenda. Our fully funded low carbon and renewable energy onsite solutions centres enable industrial organisations to enjoy low cost heat and power with no upfront capital outlay or financial risk.

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