Biomass CHP

Our biomass CHP energy centre is specifically tailored to provide intensive heat users with the lowest carbon, lowest cost energy, without compromising on manufacturing or process integrity.

This is the first biomass ORC technical solution available that provides all the heat as usable high-pressure steam or hot air above 200 degrees. Working with our industry partner Turboden, this is a highly efficient plant using proven technology.

Organic Rankine Cycle Turboden

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Key benefits

  • Uses renewable, sustainable, low carbon biomass fuel
  • High quality heat, reliability and high system efficiency delivered through proven plant designs fully compliant to EU standards
  • ESCO structure creates long term cost savings for customers, greater energy price certainty and removes operational risk
  • Save up to 25% on electricity costs over a long term and up to 25% on electricity costs over a long term
  • Future proof your process in anticipation of government low carbon policies

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