AMP Clean Energy can help you fund and generate your own solar electricity and supply you with the low cost, renewable electricity that’s generated on-site.

We can fully-fund, design and install solar PV panels and provide you with the electricity through an Energy Supply Agreement.

Low Cost

Renewable Energy

No Upfront

Costs or Outlay

Energy & Price

Stability & Security

With access to a dedicated funding vehicle and through our economies of scale, we can offer a reduction in the cost of electricity – even though there is no longer any Feed in Tariff (FiT) subsidy available. This provides your organisation with secure, low cost, renewable energy over a 25-year period.

Key Benefits

  • Generate green, renewable electricity, without any initial investment or operational risk
  • Long-term security of electricity supply
  • Protection from volatile electricity price rises
  • Low cost energy throughout the agreement

Solar PV Buybacks

We can buy back your existing installed solar PV system, taking away operational responsibility, whilst selling you low cost electricity as and when you need it. AMP Clean Energy can buy back schemes from 25kW and upwards with no maximum size.

  • A cash injection for your business, freeing up finance for other uses in your organisation
  • Removes responsibility for operation and maintenance
  • Buy low cost electricity from us, as and when you need it

Would you like to partner with us on our solar projects?

AMP Clean Energy is looking for more partners to work with to develop new projects. If you are a potential customer, an installer, a landlord, or an energy assessor, we’d like to help you, or your clients, access reduced cost solar electricity.

Why work with AMP Clean Energy?

With considerable experience of biomass heat and other low carbon projects, AMP Clean Energy also provides funding and developing opportunities for commercial solar projects. Partnering with Eden Sustainable we have already funded projects for schools, social clubs, businesses and hotels. We have access to a funding vehicle, which to date has financed over £67m of low carbon and renewable projects and recommend solar assets to be purchased by this fund.

Solar PPAs Explained

Watch our video to find out how your organisation can benefit from clean, low cost, secure electricity and save money at the same time.

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Heat Recovery

Our fully funded heat recovery solutions deliver low cost, carbon neutral electricity over the long term.

Industrial Clean Energy

Our funding and technical solutions enable large organisations to unlock the benefits of low cost, low carbon decentralised energy.