Biomass Heating Services

We are AMP. The leaders in biomass heat services. Trusted by thousands of customers across the UK.

Our innovative approach to renewable energy solutions has earned us the trust of thousands of customers across the UK. From biomass wood fuel to biomass boiler service and maintenance, RHI support to commercial installations, and much more, we have you covered.

With more than 55 specialist engineers nationwide, 16 fuel depots and 28 trucks delivering more than 110,000 tonnes of fuel annually, you can rely on AMP.

Bulk Biomass Fuel

Get an instant quote for bulk biomass fuel using our online calculator. We’re committed to providing the best quality, sustainable wood fuel to keep your biomass boiler running smoothly.

Biomass Boiler Service and Maintenance

With the UK’s largest network of specialist engineers and more than 1000 biomass boilers under management, you can count on us to care for your commercial boiler.

All in One Biomass Heating Contract

Your biomass heating needs and our expertise, wrapped up in one contract – service and maintenance, remote monitoring and fuel delivery.

RHI Support

From checking your eligibility, to the application to ongoing advice our RHI team can support you to lower heating costs.

Fuel Store Clean

Taking good care of your fuel store will help get the best results from your biomass boiler’s performance and maximise your RHI payments.

Bagged Wood Pellet

If you have a smaller biomass heating system or need an emergency back up, why not look at our bagged wood pellet?

Wood Pellet

Our wood pellet, which is made from sustainably sourced forest residues and thinnings, meets stringent sustainability criteria. We’re on the Government’s official Biomass Suppliers List (BSL), which means that our pellets – made from 100% virgin timber – are fully eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

Wood Chip

Our wood chip is locally sourced, seasoned and processed, which helps minimise its environmental impact. All of our chip is accredited by HETAS and is a recognised Woodsure Plus Quality Assured fuel, meeting relevant environmental standards. Our wood chip is also Biomass Supplier List (BSL) accredited timber which is fully eligible for the RHI.

Biomass boilers to biomass energy centres

From large scale industrial biomass energy centres to smaller commercial biomass boilers, our expert engineers are ready to service your biomass heating system.

Biomass Boiler Buyback

Maintaining a biomass boiler can be time-consuming, but with our biomass boiler buyback service you get to keep all the benefits of a biomass boiler, without the operational burdens.
You get an upfront cash payment for your boiler and we take over its maintenance and operation, leaving you to concentrate on running your business. Our engineers will take full responsibility for ensuring the boiler is always running smoothly and efficiently.

Hargassner boiler at Electrium