Biomass System All in One Package

Your biomass heating needs and our expertise, wrapped up in one contract

Managing a biomass boiler system shouldn’t be complicated. That’s why we’ve created the All in One Heat Contract. Let us handle the details while you enjoy efficient and hassle-free heating.

Taking out an All in One Package with AMP, means we’ll be responsible for making sure that your biomass boiler is operating at optimum efficiency. This will help maximise your RHI payments and reduce your carbon footprint. We’ll take away the hassle of looking after your boiler with comprehensive service, maintenance and remote monitoring. And our automated ordering system means you’ll never run out of fuel.

We’ll proactively manage the biomass system on your behalf

You simply pay for the heat you use in one monthly payment – and you can keep claiming your RHI.

Boost sustainability credentials

Increased boiler uptime means even bigger carbon savings. Thanks to our handy monthly report, you can see exactly how much carbon is saved on a monthly basis.

We’re only paid if your system is working

By operating our managed heat service in this way, we’re just as focused as you are on ensuring your biomass system is operating at its best.

Automated ordering and delivery

No hassle automated fuel ordering.

Remote monitoring

24/7 remote monitoring ensures your fuel supply is topped up and can detect potential faults.

RHI support

Our expert consultants can support you with your RHI accreditation, submit meter readings, quarterly reports and manage paperwork on your behalf.

Carbon savings and heat reports

Our customers receive tailored reports showing a monthly breakdown of their heat generation and carbon savings.

Take the hassle out of managing your biomass boiler system

Biomass boilers are an ideal solution for many businesses looking to reduce their energy costs and cut their carbon footprint. But, some businesses might not have the resources needed to maximise the potential of their boiler. That’s where we come in.

Switching to an All in One Heat Contract can save time and money. Join one of the many organisations who put their trust in us to get the very best out of their biomass boiler.

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