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Fuel Supply Agreement

Enjoy stress-free heating with
our Fuel Supply Agreement

Say goodbye to fuel supply worries. Our Fuel Supply Agreement offers peace of mind. Count on us for a100% consistent and high-quality supply of wood fuel, tailored to your needs throughout the year.

Uninterrupted fuel supply, whatever the weather

By locking into fixed cost, guaranteed fuel supply, our Fuel Supply Agreements provide complete peace of mind, even in the harshest of winters. Our Agreements cover you for the entire year. This means that you can rest assured of keeping warm with our quality wood fuel.

Truck driving through the country

With over 30 trucks on the road, we’ve got you covered

Dependable fuel
supply chain

We are the market leading supplier of quality wood pellet and chip in Great Britain. We are proud of our reliable and secure supply chain. This has been stress tested to ensure that we have ample fuel supply for our customers throughout the year.

Expert boiler assessment

Our Fuel Supply Agreement goes beyond fuel provision. Our team take the time to understand your biomass boiler, ensuring we advise on the best fuel for your system to allow it to operate at optimum performance.

If you would like to take the stress out of maintaining your boiler, we can also add in boiler servicing and maintenance into one combined agreement, taking away all the operational strain of caring for your boiler.

Access to expert advice from our biomass engineers

Key benefits

  • Priority deliveries, to keep you warm all year round
  • Access to our secure and reliable supply chain
  • Fixed price fuel supply throughout your agreement
  • Tailored delivery options for your unique biomass heating setup

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