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From application to ongoing advice, we can help support your RHI for biomass application, and ensure you meet the reporting rules

We’ve helped more than 200 organisations successfully achieve RHI boiler accreditation, including schools, colleges, housing associations, large farms, care homes, local authorities and golf clubs. The RHI payments they now receive mean lower heating costs and the added benefit of cutting their greenhouse gas emissions.

Are you eligible for non-domestic RHI payments?

The RHI is open to any individual and any business investing in renewable technology for their heating and hot water requirements. Our expert team can work with you to assess your eligibility, and then apply for RHI accreditation. For those already in receipt of other grants, such as a Bio energy Capital or National Lottery funded grant, we can also help work out if you would be financially better off receiving the RHI, even if that means paying back some of the grant.

We’ve worked with a number of organisations where this has been the case, and they are all now benefiting from lower heating costs.

How our experts can help

Our consultancy team can help you apply for 20-years of government-backed renewable heat payments.

They’re the experts in the process, and the ongoing requirements. In fact, we’ve already helped more than 200 organisations successfully apply and manage their RHI accreditation. Today, they have lower heating costs, and have reduced their greenhouse gas emissions.

To receive RHI payments, you must make an application for RHI accreditation. Experience across different sectors has shown us that this is a complex process involving hundreds of pages of legislation and guidance. Our team can fast-track the process, and help you navigate the paperwork to ensure the best outcome for your organisation. And they’ll also be there once your accreditation is approved, to help deliver the quarterly reports required by the scheme.

What is the RHI for biomass?

The Renewable Heat Incentive is a Government scheme that rewards people who use renewable energy to heat their buildings in England, Scotland and Wales.

The RHI pays them for the energy they produce as part of the UK’s effort to reduce carbon emissions from heating and to produce 12 per cent of its heat from renewable sources by 2020.

How much you get paid depends on how much personal energy you use and how much heat you produce. RHI is paid per kilowatt hour (kWh) of heat generated through your RHI biomass boiler. Quarterly payments depend on:

·    the type of biomass technology you install

·    how much energy the RHI biomass boiler installation can produce 

·    how much energy you actually use

Get RHI notifications and reports from our experts

In addition to helping you make the RHI application, our consultancy team also helps customers with making notifications about changes to their circumstances such as a change of bank account or personnel to Ofgem. Although this might sound straight forward it is quite a long and detailed administrative process.

We also help customers to provide the quarterly reports required under the scheme’s rules about their renewable heat production.

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