Environmental, Social and Governance

ESG is becoming increasingly important to investors, shareholders and customers.

ESG defines the culture and guiding principles of a business – from environmental sustainability, customer service, how you look after your employees, to how you run your business.

Environmental, Social and Governance

ESG at AMP Clean Energy

At AMP Clean Energy our ESG framework defines our company culture and how we operate as a business. It reflects the investment we place in our people, our commitment to deliver the best possible customer service, and our mission to help businesses decarbonise in the path to net zero.


We fund, develop, operate and service low carbon heat and power assets which help businesses lower their carbon footprint and achieve their decarbonisation goals.

• To support this, we are developing a decarbonisation as a service reporting platform to report CO2 savings for all our clients where we provide heat as a service.

• We want to minimise the environmental impact of our own business operations.

• To support this, we are carrying out an Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) audit and reporting under the Streamlined Energy Carbon Reporting Scheme (SECR).


We are committed to looking after the health, safety and wellbeing of our people and giving something back to the communities in which our people and projects are based.

• We have Group-wide health and safety policies and are working towards a HSEQ accreditation

• Our people have access to significant employee wellbeing benefits

• The One AMP Charity Fund provides small grants to local charities, sports teams and community groups


To ensure our environmental and social policies are embedded throughout our business, consistent and high standards of governance are key.

• We are working to ensure we have consistent policies and procedures in place

• We are harmonising all ESG projects across the Group

• Our people have access to the same information and resources across the business

Clean Energy Funding

When your business initiates a large-scale clean energy project, you also need robust and reliable financial support; the kind that’s flexible to your needs and sensitive of your timescales.

Biomass Heat

From the supply of biomass fuel, service and maintenance, fully funded installations and design, to biomass heat contracts and boiler buy backs, AMP Clean Energy can offer a complete biomass heating service.

Urban Reserve

Our market-leading urban flexible energy facilities help support the growth of renewables by providing on-demand energy when wind and solar are not able to produce enough electricity.

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