Flexible Energy Solutions for a Net Zero Future

146 MW of flexible
energy solutions live

79 MW of flexible energy
solutions in development

60 GW of low carbon
flex gen needed by 2050

Providing Electricity when and where it’s needed most

The move to renewable energy sources such as wind and solar PV will be pivotal to the UK’s Net Zero future, particularly as demand for low carbon electricity increases. However, the intermittency of renewables means that back up power is also required to maintain the stability of the grid when the wind doesn’t blow or the sun doesn’t shine.

The solution? Short, medium and long term flexible generation systems that can respond quickly during times of high demand, maintaining a stable and secure electricity supply.

AMP Clean Energy is at the forefront of supporting the development of flexible energy systems which are critical to reaching Net Zero by 2050.

“The importance of flexibility increases with electrification in all scenarios – especially when the electricity comes from weather-driven renewables.”

— Future Energy Scenarios, The National Grid

What we do:

Development Services

Our in-house experts have significant experience of finding and developing flexible energy generation assets. We undertake the full development process from finance, site identification, connection management, design to planning consent.

Project Management

We manage flexible energy projects from start to finish and beyond. We develop and build low carbon assets including peaking plants and battery storage facilities. We work with established contractors and suppliers who meet our stringent standards.

Asset Management & Optimisation

We have a proven track record in owning and fully managing assets, supported by an in-house regional network of specialist engineers. We provide 24/7 remote monitoring using the latest technology to optimise facilities and ensure that issues are detected before they become a problem.

Our solutions:

We recognise that one flexibility solution does not fit all. The UK’s electricity network is complex, so different solutions will be required depending on where the project is located. AMP Clean Energy is technology agnostic. Our flexible energy solutions have been designed to meet the varying needs of the networks, supporting the UK’s energy transition. AMP Clean Energy will have 140MW of flexible energy generation facilities up and running by 2023, providing a reliable source of power and enabling more renewable energy capacity.

1. Flexible Energy Facilities

Our 2-6MW Urban Reserve flexible energy facilities use natural gas in highly efficient engines to generate electricity during longer periods of low renewable output. We currently have over 123MW plants in operation with a further 45MW in planning, providing electricity where and when it’s needed most.

2. Energy Storage Facilities

Our 2-7.5 MW energy storage facilities operate on the 11KV distribution network, providing an instant response during times of high demand. We plan to complete construction on 6 sites by 2023. Short and long-term energy storage solutions will be crucial in the transition to renewable energy generation.

3. Battery Box

Providing localised storage at low voltage in villages, towns and cities across the country and are vital to supporting networks under pressure from demand for low carbon energy solutions.

Our Flexible Energy Sites

Your Expert in Flexibility

AMP Clean Energy is an expert in distributed energy generation. Since 2016, we have been at the forefront of developing, installing and operating flexible decentralised energy projects across the UK that enable the transition to a low-carbon economy by providing on-demand electricity when and where it’s needed most.

A credible, proven developer of flexibility energy solutions. AMP Clean Energy is a leading provider of flexibility to network operators, with flexibility services being provided to UK Power Networks and Scottish Power Networks.

Who we work with:

Ashford Peaking Plant Renewable Energy

Ashford Power

A 21MW peaking plant in a Kent industrial estate which provides electricity when demand is high and can be fired up in 2 minutes from standby. The plant, which was designed and developed by AMP Clean Energy, is fully automated and monitored 24/7 remotely.

Heysham Power

A 4MW Urban Reserve peaking plant in a busy industrial area in Liverpool which provides on-demand energy to the local network as and when required.

AMP Clean Energy has funded, developed and now owns and operates the Urban Reserve flexible energy facility which provides back-up electricity to a growing industrial area benefiting local businesses, developments and future EV charging points.

Meet the team

Our market leading team has been developing flexible energy facilities since 2016 and has considerable experience across design, development, owning and managing a range of assets. Well respected in the flexible generation field, we have good relationships with all key stakeholders in the market.

Mark Tarry AMP Clean Energy Urban Reserve

Mark Tarry

Mark heads up the Asset Development business as well as being a main board director at AMP Clean Energy. He focuses on developing and delivering flexibility in front of the meter and energy directly to customers behind the meter.

Mark has led the flexible energy team since its inception in 2018, overseeing the fast-paced growth of AMP Clean Energy’s flexible generation business and asset portfolio.

Ben Wallace

Ben heads up the development of our flexible energy assets from peaking plants to battery storage. Ben’s team oversees site identification, land acquisition and design and planning consent.

Ben has led on the origination and development of over 50 flexible generation projects.

Aidan Morris Urban Reserve AMP Clean Energy

Aidan Morris

Aidan heads up the Connections and Delivery team, managing key equipment suppliers and contractors in the design and construction of flexible energy facilities. With extensive expertise of major utility connections, Aidan also works closely with the licenced distribution network companies to obtain and deliver the all-important electricity and gas connections.

Aidan sits on several industry connections panels, holding them to account on key issues and working with them to shape policies.

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