Introducing Battery Box

When it comes to the UK’s energy future and climate change, we all need to do our bit.

AMP Clean Energy is leading the charge and has introduced a smart solution, where every business, community and organisation can actually see the benefit. We call it Battery Box; an energy storage system (more commonly known as a battery) which stores renewable energy when it is sunny and windy and exports it back to the electricity network when it is not.

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To learn more about Battery Box, and the benefits to your own organisation and UK as a whole, download the Battery Box Guide below

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climate change

Help support
energy security

Support local networks
and prevent power cuts

one battery box saves approx.
80 tonnes of CO2 per year

How does it work?

We need your land to install these essential pieces of equipment.
AMP Clean Energy is looking for companies, individuals and organisations with land to host a Battery Box and do their bit for the future whilst also making some money at the same time.

Roughly the equivalent size of just 2 car parking spaces, a Battery Box is a compact 5.5m x 4.5m box meaning we can locate one almost anywhere.

What’s in it for you?

Not only will you be supporting the UK’s energy future, but by hosting a Battery Box you can take advantage of one of the following options:

Receive a payment of


per year for the next 30 years for each Battery Box we install*

Receive a one-off payment of


upfront once construction is underway


Cowley Power

“The team have ensured any problems are minimised, and solutions readily sought, the process of negotiation is speedy and mutually satisfactory”
David, landlord

Isabella Power

“If you have a spare piece of land that is suitable for a project, I wouldn’t hesitate, listen to their proposals, you will not be disappointed.”
Simon, landlord

Bryn Power

“Following the first approach by AMP Clean Energy through to signing of the lease I found the whole experience professional and friendly, resulting in a good long-term return with no cash investment. I would recommend to all prospective landlords.”
Rob, landlord

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Ben Wallace

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Our development team are happy to discuss and assess potential sites, guaranteeing a professional and efficient service from first conversation to project completion.