Biomass Boiler Servicing
and Maintenance

We are the UK’s leading Biomass Boiler Service and Maintenance provider

You can count on us, with our UK wide team of specialist engineers, and over a thousand biomass boilers under management, we have the expertise and experience to care for your commercial biomass boiler.

We offer a range of service and maintenance plans that can help to optimise your biomass boiler performance, maximise RHI returns and reduce the risk of costly breakdowns. Above all, all our contracts include regular servicing and out of hours support as standard.

Why choose AMP to service your commercial biomass boiler?

  • We promise fair, transparent pricing
  • No charges are applied until after your first service
  • Every one of our service engineers is HETAS accredited
  • We offer a range of plans tailored to suit all needs
  • Emergency response time: we aim to attend within 24 hours for customers who use biomass as their sole heat source
  • A 24/7 support desk for managing planned and reactive maintenance, parts supply and technical support

What service plans are available?

Annual/Biannual boiler service plan

One/two scheduled maintenance visits a year, remote technical support, out of hours support, priority scheduling, spare parts discounts, as well as reduced emergency call-out rates.

Quarterly boiler service plan

Four scheduled maintenance visits a year, remote technical support, out of hours support, priority scheduling, spare parts discount, as well as reduced emergency call-out rates.

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GB network of HETAS accredited specialist engineers

Wherever you are and whatever your needs, our team of highly trained HETAS accredited engineers have got you covered.

Discounts on boiler biomass parts

You’ll benefit from a healthy discount on any parts you need outside of what is covered in your Service & Maintenance plan.

Transparent and
fair pricing

Gold standard boiler maintenance provides good value for money with no upfront payment needed – you only pay once your service is complete.

Maximise your RHI payments

Our specialist biomass engineers will minimise boiler downtime, increase heat output and thereby also maximise your RHI payments.

1000+ biomass boilers already under management

Through regular maintenance our biomass engineers can boost your boiler’s performance and also reduce the risk of costly breakdowns.

Quick response times and priority access to emergency call outs

We aim to respond to emergency call-outs within 24 hours to our customers who use biomass as their sole heat source.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key benefits of servicing?

There are many benefits of regular biomass boiler maintenance. These include:

  • Maximise system efficiency to reduce fuel consumption and costs
  • Extended boiler and part life through regular care
  • Increased reliability
  • Minimise downtime and the risk of boiler breakdown
  • Increased heat output which also maximises RHI returns

How often should a biomass boiler be serviced?

​An annual service is mandatory to comply with Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) regulations. Most biomass boilers will need to be serviced once a year, ideally in the summer when the boiler is not in such high demand. Because systems that are used for process heat will have much higher run hours, these boilers will need two or even three services per year.

How long does it take to service a biomass boiler?

Our expert engineers will take one to two days to perform a boiler service depending on the size of the biomass boiler installation. It will take around a day to service most 50 to 250kW boilers. Larger 500kW to 1MW boiler systems will take longer, probably around two days.

What does a biomass boiler service involve?

Each service can vary slightly depending on the type of biomass boiler, but all cover the following:

  • a general inspection
  • cleaning of airway ports
  • inspection and cleaning of the heat exchanger and combustion chamber
  • all seals and bearings checked, replaced and/or greased where necessary
  • replacement of worn components
  • inspection and testing of all safety equipment
  • inspection of associated fuel equipment
  • flue gas analysis to check combustion efficient

What is the HETAS Approved Biomass Maintenance Scheme?

The Scheme sets an accredited standard for the servicing and maintenance of Non-Domestic RHI eligible biomass boilers.

In 2019 BEIS commissioned research led by KIWA to evaluate the performance of biomass boilers in situ. This independent research conclusively proved that biomass boiler efficiency could be increased, and also that harmful emissions could be reduced. It recommended that an annual service, at a minimum, by an accredited business could help to improve biomass boiler performance and reduce harmful emissions.

The biomass industry, with the support of Micro Certification Scheme (MCS) and HETAS, consulted and created a Standard (MCS040), which details criteria for businesses conducting Planned and Preventative Maintenance (PPM) of biomass boilers to adhere to. HETAS was appointed to administer the Scheme. Only businesses achieving this Standard
gain accreditation.

As well as increasing the efficiency of the boiler and reducing the levels of emissions, the Scheme also provides assurance for RHI recipients that their boilers have been serviced to the right standard by fully qualified engineers.

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