Battery Box

Local, longer, electricity storage – where and when it’s needed most

To achieve Net Zero, we need a big increase in renewables. We also need people to switch their petrol cars and gas boilers to electric cars and heat pumps.  The increase in electrification strains our electricity networks.

Enter Battery Box: a local energy storage solution that helps manage the timing differences between intermittent energy generation and electricity usage.

Occupying an area equivalent to just 2 car parking spaces, each Battery Box connects directly to the local low voltage electricity network, storing excess renewable energy when it is windy or sunny. When demand peaks and the network is stretched, the stored energy is released back to the local network. This cycle not only reduces the carbon intensity of our electricity but also strengthens local network resilience and reduces reliance on imported fossil fuels.

Fight climate change

Every Battery Box stores excess renewable energy so we can use it when we need it most. This means we can reduce the carbon footprint of our electricity system.

One box saves c.160 tonnes of CO2 per year

By maximising UK renewable energy sources, we can reduce reliance on imported oil and gas.

Back local networks and prevent power cuts

Renewable energy stored in Battery Boxes will be used to support local businesses, communities and organisations and reduce the risk of localised power cuts.

How Battery Box works

Each Battery Box connects directly into the local electricity network, the same network that supplies homes, businesses, schools, and hospitals. Battery Boxes charge when the cost of electricity is low, which is normally on windy or sunny days when we have excess renewable power, or overnight when the demand for power is low. It discharges electricity back into the local network when the demand for power is high, normally early evenings or weekdays. Each Battery Box reduces both the carbon intensity and cost of our electricity for everyone.

Being small and connecting locally means we can build a Battery Box almost anywhere. You can play your part in the energy transition, and make some money, by clicking below.

Battery Box sites in development

Cowley Power

“The team have ensured any problems are minimised, and solutions readily sought, the process of negotiation is speedy and mutually satisfactory.”

David, landlord

Isabella Power

“If you have a spare piece of land that is suitable for a project, I wouldn’t hesitate, listen to their proposals, you will not be disappointed.”

Simon, landlord

Bryn Power

“Following the first approach by AMP through to signing of the lease I found the whole experience professional and friendly, resulting in a good long-term return with no cash investment. I would recommend to all prospective landlords.”

Rob, landlord

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