Play Your Part

We all need to do our bit.

The journey to Net Zero needs a smart approach to an increase in renewable energy, and it needs a more flexible electricity network. That’s where our Battery Box comes in. Battery Box stores renewable energy when it is sunny and windy and exports it back to the electricity network when it is not.

With the UK’s net zero target set for 2050, we all need to act now and work together to build a sustainable future. By hosting a Battery Box, you can help reduce reliance on imported fossil fuels and back your local electricity networks.

Play your part

Do you have land that could
host a Battery Box?

Battery Boxes, unlike wind or solar are well suited to the urban environment, bringing energy storage into local villages, towns and cities.

If you own ~25sqm of unused, surplus land (roughly the same size as two car parking spaces) then contact our development team, who will screen your site for suitability – totally free of charge.

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Get involved…

Roughly the size of just 2 car parking spaces, Battery Boxes are compact units that are designed to blend in with other utilities infrastructure we walk past every day (like substations, gas and phone kiosks).

And being small means, we can build them almost anywhere – in car parks, on grass verges, on any plot of unused land.

We need landowners who want to host to a Battery Box. By doing so you will be playing your part in the energy transition, supporting your local electricity networks , reducing the carbon intensity of our energy networks, boosting your Environmental and Sustainability Credentials – all whilst being paid to do it!

Strengthens local networks

Energy stored in a local Battery Box is there, ready to support local businesses, communities and organisations and reduce the risk of localised power cuts when demand outstrips wind and solar supply.

Supports the energy transition

Battery Box stores excess renewable energy, ready for when we need it most. This means we can make the most of generated renewable energy and reduce the carbon footprint of our electricity system.

Financial benefits

Installing Battery Boxes comes with its own financial benefits. For each Battery Box we install on your land, you can choose:

An annual payment for the next 30 years or a one-off payment upfront.