Health & Safety

We are committed to keeping our people, customers, assets, and the environment safe. We invest time, money and resources into improving our HSEQ performance and creating a sustainable business.

Nothing is more important than our people returning home safely at the end of every day.

Health and safety is at the heart of our culture and business operations and is an integral part of our business.

By adopting the highest possible HSEQ standards, we believe we can create a zero-harm workplace for our staff, customers and all third-party contractors we work with and alongside.

Our dedicated HSEQ team

Headed up by our Group HSEQ Manager Jodie Innes, our HSEQ team is dedicated to continuous improvement – finding safer ways of doing things, reducing risk as much as we can and finding better ways of managing our environmental impact.

Our experienced team ensures that HSEQ is everyone’s priority and responsibility. We support and coach our people to take ownership for their own safety and that of their colleagues around them

“HSEQ is integral to AMP’s culture because it touches every area of the business. HSEQ is not something we do in isolation, it is embedded into the way we work. From a reputational point of view, it is important for customers and investors. For our people, it is an absolute priority that they stay safe and free from illnesses while at work, and for the environment, we want to minimise our impact as much as we possibly can.”

— Jodie Innes, Group HSEQ Manager

Creating a zero-harm culture

We have consistent policies and golden rules in place across our business to help drive the highest possible standards when it comes to health and safety. 

We have invested in technology and software and make sure our employees have the right tools and systems to allow them to control risks and to capture opportunities for improvement in a consistent, efficient manner.

Wood pellet next to bark and wood rounds

Prioritising quality

We invest heavily in our supply chain and our delivery process, striving for continual improvement in the quality and delivery of our wood fuel.

We are committed to meeting and exceeding expectations by providing the very best quality wood fuel for our customers and ensuring that our biomass wood pellet and chip meets the highest possible quality and sustainability standards.