Energy costs are rising for many hoteliers, as volatility in the energy market and increasing taxes on fossil fuels push grid energy prices up further year-on-year.

This means that the energy produced by low-carbon, off-grid energy sources – such as biomass boilers – can offer a cheaper alternative to energy from the grid.

That’s why more hotels are installing biomass boilers on their sites, so they can benefit from a low-cost, low-carbon heat source for their heating and hot water.

At HWEnergy, which is part of the wider AMP Clean Energy group, we know that although many hotels are keen to gain the benefits of cheaper, more sustainable heat, projects can often fall at the first hurdle – funding. That’s why we’re providing the upfront capital for hotels like yours to install a new biomass boiler, so you can access all of the benefits of biomass at minimal hassle to your business.

Heat your hotel with biomass

A biomass boiler is an ideal solution for many hoteliers because biomass can provide…

Fixed-price, low-cost energy
The hospitality industry is becoming increasingly competitive, which means that keeping your costs low is vital to protecting your bottom line. With a biomass boiler and an energy supply agreement in place, you can gain the security of fixed-price, low-cost energy for the long term – so you’re protected from rising grid prices.

An energy source you can rely on
Your guests view heating and hot water as a basic amenity, so if you can’t provide it then you could get bad reviews and damage your hotel’s reputation. Biomass boilers provide instant heat and hot water on demand, and they’re not dependent on weather (unlike other renewable sources), which makes them an extremely reliable, low-carbon source of heat.

Boosted green credentials
Many businesses are striving to reduce their emissions now that the UK has a set net zero emissions goal by 2050, more organisations are turning to biomass as it is a carbon-neutral and sustainable energy source

Act now to secure the benefits

There’s limited time for you to get a free biomass boiler through us. When Government support for renewable heat technologies closes to new applications next year, our Fully-Funded Service will too – so you need to act now if you want to take advantage of it!
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Our fully funded installation service

We’ve designed our Fully-Funded service to make it as simple as possible for you to access the benefits of a biomass boiler. When you choose this service, you’ll get:

Expert care
We know that when you’re running a care home, you need a low-maintenance source of heat and hot water. We’ll take the strain out of maintaining the biomass boiler by providing both planned and reactive servicing and maintenance. With our remote fuel monitoring service, we’ll also make sure the boiler is always fuelled, sending out an automatic fuel delivery whenever you need it.

A brand-new boiler
We’ll fully fund a new boiler on your site through a long-term energy supply agreement (ESCO) and install it too, so you don’t have to provide any upfront capital.

A simple way to pay
Once your boiler is installed, you just pay for the heat you use off the meter via a monthly Direct Debit payment – it couldn’t be easier. There are no maintenance costs, either – if the boiler breaks, we’ll fix it, and we’ll pay for it.

Why choose HWEnergy?

HWEnergy is part of the AMP Clean Energy Group, which is the UK’s leading biomass heat supplier. As a group, we’re trusted to look after over 950 biomass systems for businesses across Great Britain.

We’ve also got the largest network of in-house, trained biomass engineers throughout the country, which means we can be with you within hours if you need us. So, when you choose our Fully-Funded Installation service, you can rest assured that you have expert support from installation to ongoing maintenance.

HWEnergy made the transition to wood pellets as smooth as they possibly could. With a new heat cabin complete with pellet storage, a modern back-up oil boiler and a very efficient biomass boiler, I truly believe that we made the best possible decision for the business.

— Stuart Macpherson, owner of Coul House Hotel
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